But then again Georgie said the same thing until they offered her a shedload of money. :wink:


Nay, only the beginning. I don’t think channel 9 will fire him or whatever since they didn’t do shit for the whole jacketgate thing last year lmao.

I do think that Karl needs to be wheeled out for some rolling or breaking coverage so then people will see that he can be serious and is a good asset for the network and news in general. I remember how good his reports on the 2011 Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami were as well as the Christchurch Earthquake and the 2014 MH370/17 incidents were. But now it seems they’re using Peter ‘Petey’ Overton for all of this now.


Not to mention Sonia Kruger’s comments about Muslims, Tara Brown and her debacle of a 60 Minutes report, etc.

Peter Overton a far better newsreader/presenter than Karl Stevanovic (surely most people on this forum agree?), so I can understand why Nine would want to position Pete as their main go-to guy for major national coverage instead of Karl.


This would have been the perfect opportunity to add some fun to the show and dress up for Halloween like they do on the US Today show but it seems that sort of stuff doesn’t happen anymore.


But we’re not in America so not necessary.


from memory, didn’t Sunrise do an Indiana Jones dress up once (for Halloween or a new movie) then have to quickly change into normal clothes once a breaking story emerged? I may be crossing two stories here but regardless,no.


Yeah, it’s highly risky with breaking news and not a good look for a news program.


You always have an opposing argument to anything I post. It doesn’t matter what it is. Does that get tiring?

Yeah Today dressed up for 80s show once and a breaking news story about a school bus crash happened like 5 mins later. Still its not just a news show.


Agree on the not just a news show element, but it’s always fraught with risk


We’re still allowed to have differing opinions. What does that tell you about your ideas?

Exactly. It’s difficult to be serious when you need to.


Gotta have a dedicated newsreader with a delineated role. Having the newsreader in with the hosts as the third talent muddles things when it comes to breaking news production. Ah, the days of Roscoe.


How many times they gonna bring in dogs to the set this year? I think they do it every 2 weeks now?


Garry Youngberry presented the weather from Noosa in Queensland this weekend.


Monday -
Sylvia is back reading news.


Tuesday -
Tim Gilbert presented sport from Melbourne.


Here’s a good laugh for your Friday.

Happy to be corrected, but I think this is the first time they’ve referred to Uber-gate on air.


Nah Georgie mentioned it a while ago. They also did a MAFS piss take scene and mentioned it too for the channel 9 upfronts I would still love to see!


A few changes to the rundown in the week just gone:

  • After the top two news stories at 7am with Georgie and Karl, Sylvia presents a brief news update for what is making news in each capital city (it is like The Project’s Metro Whip-Around)- the lead story in Melbourne, the lead story in Sydney. This is accompanied with a ‘First for [City] News’ transition’:

  • Entertainment News now features at 6.45am, so it isn’t directly competing with Sunrise’s Showbiz News. What’s Making News was moved to 6.55am.
  • A few weeks ago, they returned to a brief intro at 7am, following the headlines and before the top story.


Saturday -
Peter in Melbourne with Jayne and Allison hosting in the studio.

Lara Vella is presenting the weather.