Today Show 2005


This new look for Today, introduced on Monday 14th February 2005, was apart of the inconsistent times for Today in the fight against Sunrise. This was their third set and graphics in three years. While Karl Stefanovic and Steve Jacobs made their debuts on the show, this was the final year Tracy Grimshaw co-hosted after close to a decade in the role.



A few modifications were made throughout the year.


Slight changes to the graphics occurred abou mid-year, returning back from black to blue, especially tickers.


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/ba0ace61e8e96b510405b376d971d2f4a93dc51d.png" width=“120” height=""1


Courtesy: and the original Media Spy members who uploaded in the Vault.


They should go back to having this kind of set for their show instead of their dark cave.


Totally agree. In fact, I don’t even mind this fake attempt at an apartment set from the year prior:


How can the show look So much better in 2005 than it does today in 2018?? a few tweaks to modernize it a bit and the look would be perfect today!


A Little bit cheesy, but looks so much better IMO!


I couldn’t agree more, I absolutely loved the set and graphics they used in 2005.