Today - GMA Style

Following on from my work in Random Mocks, Here’s a New Look for Today in GMA Style

The show would be hosted by Tom, Georgie & Deb. Tom would be officially co-host but will do the news like now as well as anchoring segments. TJ would be sports editor, hosting a “Sports Chat” segment every Monday & Friday, as well as being crossed to live for big stories. But everyday sports updates are Tom.


“Good Morning. A Big News day Today. Here’s what’s coming up”

The Icon version of the logo would the pulsate before the headlines begin

A New Voiceover “Welcome to Today. With Georgie, Deb & Tom”,

The three of them would do the first 2-3 Top Stories, before Tom looks at what else is making news.


For Today Extra

Still coming up with ways to expand it, but this is where I’m at. Criticism welcome!


The T makes me think of the Sydney trains signage for trains.


Being in Perth i’ve never seen that before but yeah your right.



What about for Stevie, Brooke and Dickie?
Liking the idea though

They would keep their current roles basically.


I think Sunrise graphics done in the NBC Today style is also a good idea.

Awesome mock up.

You forgot the M

ABC and Nine aren’t affiliates anymore, so that is highly unlikely to happen. In sating that, I like the concept. I know 2D graphics are trendy, but personally, I think glossy looks better.

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Have not seen any of the new Metro signs on display yet.

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