Today (2015-Sept 2020)

Five digit result in Adelaide :open_mouth:

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You keep saying “they have to do something” but what do you think they need to do?

Michael Buble has a good relationship with the show and Wilkins so how does Sunrise get him? The location? Publicist?


Do you really want to know what I would/think they should do?


Good relationship with the show/entertainment presenter =/= guaranteed appearance.

Well, yes. It would be an improvement on constantly saying they need to do something about one news program or another.

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To keep things on topic, a separate thread:

Deb is definitely showing this week that she would have been a better choice than Georgie for the Today hosting role.


Agree. Deb Knight is great, she deserves a hosting role.


As much as I agree that Deborah Knight would probably make a good co-presenter of Today (she really should’ve replaced GG as the newsreader on Today in mid-2014 instead of Sylvia), let’s all keep in mind what her current regular presenting role within the network is.

Even the weekend (or Friday/Saturday night as the case is here) 6pm bulletins need some form of stability in a market like Sydney, which is why Nine stuck with Georgie Gardner as their 2nd in-line Sydney newsreader for something like eight or nine years while Seven News Sydney had four 2nd in-line readers during that time.


A fair point here…

I wonder if Lisa is “worth” the $2 million now?


The Sunday Project’s disasterous ratings would suggest she’s nowhere near it, at present. Let’s see what Upfronts brings though.


She’s not being paid that by Ten and we don’t even know that she was demanding that exact amount for Today. She was asking for pay parity with Karl for her work on Today.

If anything, what we have seen proven now is how valuable she was to the show.


When Today’s ratings have plummeted since her departure, when your brand is tarnished by constant daily headlines, when your market research indicates that her co-host is the problem not her, when she creates headlines through powerful and inspirational editorial pieces, when she has a connection to your competitor’s viewers through an ability to attract them, when she contributes (she must have given the current vibe) to the daily production of the program, I think Lisa at least deserves equal pay.

@Richo What about Today’s disastrous ratings? The polarising, brand-damaging journalist will still receive his mighty pay-packet at the end of the day despite Today suffering some of its worst ratings whilst he has been at the helm (yet Jessica Rowe, Lisa Wilkinson and Georgie Gardner are to blame?)

Revenge is bitter sweet.


I honestly think we may never know the full story about the Lisa Wilkinson debacle. Wanting to get a better deal on her pay was likely one of the reasons Lisa defected but there’s also the fact she was presenting breakfast TV for ten years because 2.30am/3am starts five days a week can take their toll after a while, especially when the person you’re sitting next to on a regular basis is Karl Stefanovic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although since Lisa seems to be quite happy at The Project, I’m happy for her.

Or Sarah Murdoch? She probably doesn’t get enough credit for keeping Today afloat between Jessica Rowe ending her association with the show and Lisa Wilkinson joining Nine.


My elderly father tried to tell me Today had Michael Buble on this morning as well as Sunrise. He said they must have their studios close to each other lol
Surely it was old footage?

Looks like an old grab from another show

I take it that it was recorded yesterday with Richard Wilkins as he said something about “on the eve of your tour”? Maybe it was a few weeks ago?

TBH, I don’t even know why Today bother with airing these packages on the day Sunrise has the ability to have them live? The some 60,000 viewers are surfing not loyal in blissful ignornance; they are going to know that he wasn’t live on Today, so they choose Sunrise.


Weekend Today will be shown in WA this Sunday at the earlier time of 6am, due to Nine’s live coverage of Constellation Cup netball at 10am local time.

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