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Yep, press releases are easy content to just copy and upload.

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Maybe the best bet at the moment, is some type of merger between Ticker News and Disrupt Radio?

Both trying to appeal to this Gen Z, Tech Savvy, Small Business, audience. Throw up a couple of webcams in Disrupt Radio’s studios, and get Ticker News to handle the newsbreaks.

Agree. I’ve always thought Melbourne (Victoria) would benefit from having its own 24 hour news channel. Similar to NY1.

Unfortunately, all media ownership is held from Sydney and don’t want to segregate Melbourne from the rest of the country.



Seemingly out of nowhere, Ticker News is now just Ticker…again

Their website now states that they are a “multi-channel video source that delivers insightful content that matters to a new generation”


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Seems to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast over there. (not an attack at Ahron)

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This might explain why news is no longer on the logo.

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So last week they were launching their FAST channel, boasting it had original live programming rather than just being a playlist of content.

Today they launch 5 more FAST channels which are just playlists of content.



This entire operation is just odd.


It really is.

Is there not an organisation that can investigate this “company”?

The whole thing just makes no sense.


The turnaround from live news channel to “multi-channel ecosystem” (they’re actually calling themselves that) is just so bizarre

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Just because you don’t understand a business model, doesn’t mean it needs “investigation”.


Explain it to us then.

Investigate what exactly?


The whole thing.

All these statistics they offer up can’t be real. The amount of viewers they claim to have I just can’t believe.

Just because you don’t understand how it works doesn’t mean there is something untoward going on

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What’s to understand?

They claim to have millions of views etc but the only platform that you can actually see views (YouTube) they take the stream off.

Look at the videos they do upload. 98 views etc.


YouTube isn’t the only platform they’re on (and it looks like they promote other watch options on their website over YouTube) - I have no insight into whether their claims are right or not but you can’t judge it’s veracity based on one set of numbers

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they’ve tweaked their lower thirds again:

before vs after

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