This is Going to be Big


This Is Going To Be Big follows a group of teenagers, living with disabilities and neurodiversity, as they prepare for their first high school musical about the life of John Farnham. With support from heart-of-gold teachers and dedicated parents, this is an intimate observation of students who are often left out of the spotlight. Filmed over nine months, this tender and humourous coming of

age documentary explores themes of resilience, friendship, belonging and self- acceptance, and the final performance celebrates love and creativity in equal measure.


A Fremantle Australia and Truce Films production, produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation, principal funding from Screen Australia, and financed in association with VIC Screen, and the Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund. Producer Catherine Bradbury.

Executive Producers David Briegel-Jones. Executive Producers Josie Mason Campbell and Jim Wright. ABC Commissioning Editor Kalita Corrigan. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones.

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