Things Overheard In Public

Someone asked their parents on the train if Parramatta was it’s own country.

It would explain a lot.


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“Giants Stadium isn’t even in western Sydney. It’s right next to the SGG, just next to the city”.
Collingwood supporter, On the train heading into the footy today.


Mind you, Giants and Collingwood supporters aren’t that smart.

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When I was in Year 11 and 12 a few years ago, two of my friends and I made a private Facebook group where we would list some of the funny things we overheard while we were at high school. Here’s some of the things we overheard. The sad thing is, these were all serious questions/comments:

  • “Are bees radioactive?”
  • “Anne Frank didn’t hide in the arctic?”
  • “Jackie Chan isn’t real, he’s dead” - (This was said by a teacher )
  • “Why can’t we wash ourselves with detergent?”
  • “I can scream, but I choose not to, because it puts too much pressure on my knees”.
  • Person 1: “Are you left-handed?”
    Person 2: “I don’t know, probably not.”

Is it any wonder why my year group was the third worst performing school in the HSC in NSW… :no_mouth:


I have heard many Jin interviews at cafes. One was a funny one.

“I like your top. Do they come in woman sizes?’ This was a candidate who was trying to engage a conversation a few false starts in her interview. I’m not sure what role it was they were all in business attire, and I’m doubtful she made a good impression on the two who were interviewing…

Sometimes I overhear random ones on the bus. Like today for instance on my way home from work. Kid turns to his mum and randomly asks

“Mummy when you shut the door with daddy are you playing leap frog or hide daddy’s sausage?’

:joy: lol kids say the darkness things.

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Back in my school days, my media studies teacher told the students that’s before class they must ensure that all mobile phones must be switched off. (I didn’t have a mobile Phone until I was 14 years of age.)

a little back story i live in the same suburb as tim from masterchief works in , his work isnt that far from me, waiting for the bus i heard one of the students ask ‘‘when is mr bone comeing back to work?" this is was about 3 weeks ago i had a inching his was coming back , and the other student said’’ i dont know , maybe when masterchief is finished’’ and one other student said’’ i dont watch masterchief my mother doesnt like me watching cooking shows’’


Some years ago I heard this outside the building I worked in as I was waiting for a bus. There were two women smoking near the door.
Woman One: What are you doing tomorrow?
Woman Two: I’m going to the solarium to work on my tan.
Woman One: Oh, don’t go there. Those things give you cancer.

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