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##The Way It Is

NINE’S Brand New Podcast


The Way It Is, a brand new podcast showcasing the biggest and most talked about news and current affairs stories of the week, launches today.

Hosted by esteemed Nine News journalists and good friends, Leila McKinnon and Neil Breen, The Way It Is will dissect the important, the absurd and the unabashedly frivolous in the weekly news cycle.

Between them, McKinnon and Breen have more than 50 years’ experience in the Australian media and won’t hold back in expressing their take on what’s making news across the globe.

Each episode of The Way It Is will feature heated discussion and the odd stoush as our hosts chat to the newsmakers and newsbreakers about the stories that grabbed our attention over the past week.

Whether it’s scrutinising Donald Trump’s latest move, casting an eye over poll results that keep our politicians awake at night, recapping what the Twittersphere had to say about Justin Trudeau’s backside, revealing the moon as a new holiday destination, debating the proposed cuts to penalty rates, or analysing the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother, The Way It Is will ensure you are the most informed guest at your next dinner party.

Leila McKinnon said: “Breenie is the biggest news junkie I know, and I’ve met a few. The Way It Is will be all about the news you may have missed, the facts behind the stories, and a fresh perspective. You’ll go away with plenty of fascinating facts with which to entertain or bore your friends.”

Neil Breen said: “Leila and I have been discussing news together since 1993 so we’ve had plenty of practice. I’m really looking forward to it and listeners will love her wit.”

The Way It Is begins today and is available for download at or via iTunes every Thursday.


“esteemed Nine News journalist … Neil Breen”.



I like the idea of this podcast, but the presenters are a little, hmm… how can I put it? Interesting (Really I can’t find an alternative term to use).

Perhaps it would be more interesting with some fresh news blood? You know to maybe try and persuade the next generation to get into news and sort of make it cool to know what’s happening. Well that’s just my opinion lol


I looked it up to check there wasn’t some meaning for the word I hadn’t come across before - but no.

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Off-topic but it’s related to the famous sign off by Brian Henderson, and now Peter Mitchell.

Leila’s fine, but no way I’ll ever like Neil Breen.

I think the estate of Walter Cronkite might want their royalty check first.

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Probably didn’t copyright it otherwise Nine would have paid a lot of cheques over the years.

His sign off was actually “And that’s the way it is…”.

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For a very brief moment, I thought “The Way It Is” was something like an upcoming documentary or miniseries on Brian Henderson or the history of Nine News in Sydney. Now that’s something I would watch!

This podcast? Yeah…that’s something I’m not so interested in but I suppose it’s good to see Nine trying to make a strong presence in the digital space.


I’m surprised @JBar hasn’t killed you for spelling cheque like a seppo

Thanks. I held myself back but i made a point of using the correct spelling of cheque in my response.

He keeps using the American spelling all the time now but I don’t know if he’s just doing it on purpose to annoy or whether his brainwashing is complete now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Theme song for the podcast?

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Before I clicked on this thread, I had a thought that it going be about the Sky News parody segment which Mark Humphries does on The Feed:


The word “esteemed” applied to McKinnon is bad enough, but Breen? Really?? There’s plenty of words I’d apply to him and that would never be among them.

Well Peter Mitchell says that all the time, but HSV never got sued.

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