The Single Wives


They’ve all walked down the aisle before… but for each of them, their first marriage ended in heartbreak. Now back on the dating scene they all have a lot to learn.

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB tracks the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of women searching for their second chance at love.

Along the way they’ll be coached by the world’s #1 dating expert, Matthew Hussey, as he offers practical advice and insights into what makes men tick, how to find love and how to keep it. He will help them hone their dating skills, build their confidence and find connections with single men.

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is co-developed by Seven Studios and Eureka Productions and produced by Eureka Productions for Channel Seven.

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Fifi Box will host the show, according to today’s Sunday Herald Sun. The article also reveals that the show is about four women seeking new love.

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The popular radio and TV personality will present Seven’s exciting new dating show

Fifi Box will be setting hearts on fire as the host of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB.
The show tracks the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of four women searching for their second chance at love.

They’ve walked down the aisle before…but for each of them, their first marriage ended in heartbreak. Now they’re back on the dating scene and have a lot to learn!

Fifi will be there every step of the way as they take their first tentative steps back onto the dating scene.
“I’m so thrilled to be hosting The First Wives Club,” she said. “It’s going to be a roller coaster of a show. Fun and fascinating with lots of excitement along the way which is perfect for me.”

Fifi will be joined by the world’s number one dating expert, Matthew Hussey, who will help them hone their dating skills and build their confidence as they begin their quest for new love.

Who will find romance again? It’s a life-changing relationship crash course you won’t want to miss.

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is currently in production and will air on Seven in 2018. The show is co-developed by Seven Studios and Eureka Productions and produced by Eureka for Channel Seven.

Sounds terrible.

I guess it remains to be seen if Fifi will still make her weekly appearances on The Project if she’s contacted to Seven for this show.

Seems Fifi might be on The Project for a little while longer, according to an interview with Angus Ross on TV Tonight the show will now air later in the year after originally set to air in Q1 this year.

And I don’t think she will need to leave. I heard part of her radio show ‘Boxed In’ yesterday afternoon where she had Dave Hughes as a guest.

She said that she wished she had been a guest on his new TV show. He said they did ask her but she was busy. She did laugh and say that she had been busy filming another show on another network. So it seems both shows were filmed at the same time, back in December.

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I highly doubt she’s contracted to either.

A good example is Andy Maher Seven (Front Bar / AFLW) & Ten (BBL / WBBL).

Contracts are for network personality or maga talent, particularly networks wishing to make them exclusive to them.

But Andy doesn’t appear on both the BBL & Front Bar at the same time does he?

I guess my post was more referencing them being on air at the same time, I didn’t think that 7 would want Fifi appearing on The Project for a certain period when they’re potentially spending time promoting her as the host of this stupid reality show they’re pursuing.

Anyway guess we will see later this year.

Everything is about contracts.

Some are show specific - so for example they might have a contract to appear on Studio 10 once per week. However they can still work for any other network. Sam Pang would probably have this sort of contract - show related - not network related.

But some contracts are network related as well. So the morning presenters on Sunrise, news presenters, game show hosts, hold a show contract as well as a network exclusive clause.

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I heard they were a bit light on talent and at least one or even two girls had been married twice before the age of 40 in former lives. Not sure how they qualify for “First Wives Club” and how producers will get around it.Seems more like “Desperate and Dateless” if thats the case.

FremantleMedia has picked up worldwide rights to The First Wives Club and will pitch the format to overseas broadcasters. Looks like the show will be called The Single Wives outside Australia.

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Every time I see this title, I just think of the movie that Ten have run ‘ad nauseam’ over the past 20 years


And so they should. Its the greatest.

Maybe they should rename it here too.

Seven just ran a promo for the renamed show “The Single Wives” . Coming soon. :face_vomiting:



Can the dating genre just f**k off. Honestly so much ‘reality’ trash these days.

It looks dire.

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It already sounds dire let alone look dire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It can join Yummy Mummies as purely online content. Rubbish like that should not run on a main channel.

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Or put it on Pay TV that no one watches. Best to put it next to Murray and Bolt for some extra ‘exposure’ as it would suit the demographic quite well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .