The Set

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The Set

The Set (30 minutes) – Wednesdays at 9.30pm on ABC, starting 31 October
The Full Set (60 minutes) – Saturdays from 10pm on ABC, starting 3 November

ABC Introduces Australia’s new live music TV show, The Set

triple j and ABC are very excited to reveal that Australia has just scored itself a new live music TV series like no other. Hosted by triple j’s Linda Marigliano and Dylan Alcott, The Set will make its debut during Ausmusic Month this November, kicking off on 31 October at 9.30pm on ABC and iview.

The show will feature performances from some of the biggest and very best Australian artists of the moment, to a live audience of 250 people who’ve come to join the party. Angus and Julia Stone, Vera Blue, Ball Park Music and The Presets will be stopping by – and they’re bringing their mates.

Across the series, headline artists will curate the line-up for each program by inviting two guest acts to perform live. They’ll then close out the show with a special one-off musical collaboration. Expect to see artists like Illy, Odette, Baker Boy, Wafia, Mallrat, Angie McMahon, Tia Gostelow, LANKS and Kult Kyss popping up throughout the series.

Where’s it all going down? In a share house. Artists will perform at The Set’s purpose-built share house set, back yard and all. With 250 mates hanging out the back, it’s going to be a big vibe.

Co-hosts Linda Marigliano and Dylan Alcott say, “We’ve been keeping The Set a secret for a while now and are pumped to finally share this news with you. A new live music TV show is going to be a great thing for Australian music, and hosting it together is a bloody dream come true.”

The Set continues ABC’s much-loved live music tradition, in the spirit of shows like Countdown and Recovery, but in a unique format that is the first of its kind. ABC’s Head of Music and Creative Development, Chris Scaddan, says “There’s a real energy inside the ABC about this show. Everyone is really proud to be filling the studios with so much great Australian musical talent. The Set will be something for a new generation of music lovers to call their own.”

Come on down and tell your mates – The Set will be broadcast Wednesdays from 9.30pm on ABC and iview, and then again on Saturdays from 10pm – with an extra half an hour of live music and antics.

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God this screams ABC groupthink


what the fuck does this even mean? this doesn’t make sense. is it a good vibe, mellow, hectic, bad vibe like what?

I’m guessing they’re going for a mellow vibe looking at some of the artists listed

how many bongs will be in the background. if the answer is less than 20, they’ve failed to make a real share house set.

Good idea for more Aus talent, but I think they’ve reallllly boxed themselves in with this concept. I hope they change how the share house looks dependent on the lineup or act, so more lights and CO2 for artists like The Presets and just down lights for Vera Blue & Angus and Julia Stone.


Dylan Alcott told the Herald Sun yesterday that the show would return this year.