The Secrets She Keeps

Maybe from a ratings perspective, but Paramount clearly don’t believe this. The strategy must have worked for them with Five Bedrooms, it’s been renewed twice since premiering on P+. :man_shrugging:


Not winner winner at all.
They need to drive subs and revenue at P+ to offset declines at FTA.
People don’t want to watch scripted drama with ads on FTA.

It does work. Subs revenue is from getting people to sign up for drama is a growth area. Ad revenue for FTA is a decline area. This is about future proofing their content and business. Viewers are telling entertainment companies loud and clear they dont want to watch scripted content at set Times with ads.

The way I read it described (from a US studio perspective - not an Australian / 10 perspective) is FTA is the titanic.

They need to start to fortify the life rafts now (streaming subs) before the titanic completely sinks.

Its a delicate line to walk for sure.

My idea is not neglecting streaming at all. Have it on FTA first and then immediately after its first airing put it on Paramount+ (or drop it on P+ first on the day and have 10 air it the same night). Give viewers a choice on how to watch it. Some might want to watch it on P+, others might not be able/can’t be bothered with streaming but are still able to watch. The numbers will tell the story as to where viewers want to watch it, but at least provide an option for those who still watch FTA.

Also allows them to monetise the show properly through both platforms. Americans might prefer stream first then FTA but in Australia there is still an appetite for FTA drama if done well (Underbelly fot example).

We’ll probably never know for sure but it would be fadcinating to see what proportion of subscribers watching P+ subscribe for shows like Five Bedrooms or other shows like Star Trek.

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But your idea is putting the growth platform Second (streaming) and that’s not what entertainment companies around the world are doing. First run premium scripted content is moving to streaming. It’s particularly the strategy of Paramount who just announced 150 originals this week.

The business plan is to drive customers to streaming. Paramount has made it very clear they are a streaming first company.

Viewers have a choice. From what I know all P+s Australian originals end up on 10

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Then what would be the point of joining subscription? Unfortunately this is the way of the future.

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Five Bedrooms is the only one that has because it started on 10 in the first place. Spreadsheet has only been seen on Paramount+ so far.

C21 reports Central and Eastern European streaming platform Pickbox has bought season 2 of The Secrets She Keeps, three weeks before its premiere on P+. Pickbox serves Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

I wonder why they had to recast the role.

Probably because the original actor Michael Dorman was busy filming his new series Joe Pickett.

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