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Carries fake tan?! :flushed:
Is she now Portuguese?


and Price’s for the jungle!


###Julian Assange: “I’m Not An Idiot.”

The Project’s Waleed Aly Speaks To Julian Assange In A Television Exclusive.

Tomorrow Night At 6.30pm. Only On TEN and WIN Network.

In a television exclusive, The Project presenter Waleed Aly speaks to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London about the latest developments in his on-going fight for freedom.

With the news last week of outgoing President Obama granting whistle-blower Chelsea Manning a Presidential pardon, speculation mounts that Assange will keep his promise to finally leave the embassy and accept extradition to the United States.

In this wide-ranging interview with no topic off limits, Assange talks about when he will leave the embassy but insists he’s ‘not an idiot’ and details what is needed for him to walk.

Assange also responds to claims it was his campaign that cost Hillary Clinton the U.S. election and that Russian sources used WikiLeaks to ensure Donald Trump’s success.


Off topic slightly, but the intro short jingle on that ten opener for YouTube uploads has been updated, whole the end remains the same. I think maybe the presentation seems to have been updated too -
looks glossier with more lens flare perhaps?


Te Project must have had some technical issues tonight. They skipped the news headlines and went straight into the Exclusive Julian Assange interview. Some very awkward chat made it look like something was up.


Could it also be that The Project wanted to show the Assange interview early, so that South Australian viewers got to see it before going to live BBL at 7.10pm Adelaide time?


I thought they might have been trying something different for the opening of the show but later Peter joked later that they were surviving tonight by the skin of their teeth so i’m suggesting there might have been glitches.


Video of the Assange interview:

From here:

Full interview:


They had 40 minutes, I doubt they would have skipped the two minute headlines just to be sure they squeezed it in.


Great to see we will have Gretel Killeen filling in for Steve Price tonight,also looking forward to Pete having fun about Steve being in the jungle.


Any chance of a live cross to Africa??


Should be a permanent replacement!!


Video on the Project Facebook page has created a lot of interest worldwide with 19 million views so far. In it Waleed delivers a list: "It’s been one week since President Trump took office, here’s a list of everything he has done so far. "


God he whinges a lot… Well that ends my run with the Project…


It was hardly a whinge, just literally a list of stuff Trump has done in the last week…

Bye Felicia…


But it’s ok for Bolt to whinge every night over on sky?

This is the problem with the right… they only want to listen to the one view.


I actually don’t watch Bolt?


That same argument also applies to some on the left as well - both sides are just as bad as each other in regards to living in ‘echo chambers’


Not true. “Non-fact-based” fake news was overwhelmingly more popular on the right side of politics in the US than it was on the left.


I’m talking broadly. You’re right about the rise of ‘fake news’ was due to people on the right believing the falsehoods that were published (mostly about Clinton). However, you only had to look at the reactions of primetime MSNBC viewers when it was announced that Greta van Susteren would be joining the network (just to use one example) to see that ‘echo chambers’ exists on both sides to various degrees