The Project


Good presenting duo, would love to see them doing something news related together on a regular basis.


Not sure if you’ve seen this but TV3 in New Zealand has announced its hosts for their version of The Project due to launch next month


Is it going to be the exact format as ours or will it be tweaked?


Scott Dooley on the desk tonight. He thinks he’s funny but nobody else does. He’s not funny when he tries to interview people and he’s not funny on the desk.


He thinks snark is intelligence.


Very irritating.

He was terrible on breakfast radio with Merrick Watts and he’s terrible on The Project. I hope his return to Australia doesn’t mean he will keep being inflicted on us. :worried:


"Aussie comedian, this TV and radio presenter is sure to liven up the camp."
I think we’re about to be inflicted.


Or Adam Richards.


That would actually be amazing!


you mean “fabulous”, yeah?


Hamish and Pete flashing their shorts tonight. :open_mouth: :laughing:


Nine News Sydney didn’t detail the worst of the latest allegations against Trump as they weren’t suitable to be broadcast they stated, yet less than 30 minutes later The Project had all the sleazy details.


Pete made a cracking joke about the golden showers show allegations when Georgi wondered what it would mean for the inauguration. He suggested: Probably, bring an umbrella, I imagine. :open_mouth: :laughing:


Trump must be pissed about these latest allegations.

@JBar a glimpse of Hamish and Pete’s legs has given you a cheap thrill.


The Project is NOT afraid to air dirty laundry :stuck_out_tongue: Especially when it comes to Trump :stuck_out_tongue:


Georgia Love is a panellist tomorrow night.

Waleed returning from holidays on Monday.


Are you sure it’s me and not you? :wink:


Hamish, Gorgi & Gretal are a good combo, would like to see this presenting duo together more.


I got a bit flustered when hamish did that…


Waleed and Carrie both back from holidays tonight.

Warning @Travis Jo Casamento is on the panel on Friday night.:smile: