The Project


Yeah it was a very cringeworthy segment which is a shame.


Hopefully they dont make the same mistake with other guests this week.


Robbie Williams tonight


Plus Bert


These coming up supers look fairly new? From last night:


I really like them.


Robbie William very good tonight. Much better than last night. They ran over time obviously because he’s so engaging.


He really is a brilliant interview subject. He can be serious when he needs to be and hilariously funny most of the time.


Why are they not making a bigger deal of being in Sydney this week?

Dismal figures up here as usual and it seems nothing is being done…


Probably to help those dismal figures you mentioned.


Who is the guy on The Project? He isn’t too bad.


Steve Price? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha I like Steve Price… I know I shouldn’t. But no I think his name is Joe Hill.


Here:[quote=“William_C, post:610, topic:160”]
Joe Hill’s name on the EPG for this Thursday’s night show as a guest panelist


Ten Melbourne news reporter making his first appearance on the show tonight, hope we see him on the show again.


Yeah he was good. Obviously I had no idea who he was considering he was from Melbourne but I thought he was good.


Joe previously worked in Adelaide and Sydney newsroom,he moved to Melbourne in May last year.


For Ten fans, also a regular on Wake Up


And Sydney Reporter on Breakfast. He is doing pretty well for a first timer.


Should I be asking what Wake Up is?