The Project


that is absolutely dreadful to be beaten by B&B.


And in the demos that actually pay the bills?


UWOTM8 B&B is a very high class show, I’ll have you know. Ole M8 even had a stroke yesterday!






Peter Helliar for the Gold Logie.


I am pretty sure I noticed Joe Hill’s name on the EPG for this Thursday’s night show as a guest panelist


Should have been axed years ago when Nine and Seven extended their bulletins. I doubt it has ever come better than 3rd in 25-54 at 6.30pm.


I think tonight’s show will be from the Sydney studio with Justin Timberlake interview live at the desk.


Going by Sandra Sully’s comment at the end of the news bulletin, “Justin Timberlake is in the house”, I think you’re on the money.


Project always looks better coming out of Sydney. Bigger studio, bigger audience, better cameras and lighting and the picture quality is better for some reason.


Agreed but I like the Melbourne set a lot more.


I agree. I thought when they were in Adelaide it looked better as well.


It’s amazing how much a higher lighting grid makes an impact. The grid /roof in the Melbourne studio is incredibly low, in Sydney it’s a standard studio so it’s doesn’t look as cramped and dark.

The set in Melbourne is heaps better of course, but the tech elements in Sydney are better.


maybe one day ATV will move. Their current location seems like a nightmare for news gathering - being stuck in South Yarra with clogged roads and away from the CBD.


A lot better than their last home at Nunawading :wink:


Whoever designed the ATV studio layout was never thinking ahead. Back in 1992 when they moved, the studios were only meant to be used for Melbourne’s News and Hinch. Entertainment shows with studio audiences were always originally based at Nunawading.

Ive always been in favour of ATV10 moving closer into the CBD.


Does anyone else think the hosts were too star struck with JT?


It ruined the interview a bit tbh. The constant compliments were annoying af.

Where were the questions about what he has planned in the future? New album, more acting, nothing, who knows? No, let’s just tell him how amazing everything he does is. :neutral_face:


I have to agree. The questions were bad and his answers were worse.