The Project


What I like about The Project is it’s pace. Packages are under 3 minutes (and are often comical) and interviews are lively. This new opener is a part of it- love it.


I like it but the music is too LOUD!

I can’t hear what they’re saying in parts of it. It would be better to turn it down while the headlines are read out.


I agree. But don’t get rid of the music all together (even during the 7pm headlines) as it keeps things snappy.


I’m not saying get rid of it. Again, all I’m saying is it’s too LOUD!


Get your walking stick out grandpa and hit that screen :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s probably like the trick they do with commercials, put the sound up to get people’s attention that the show is on.


FFS. I’m saying its too loud and you miss the headline or the snippet of comment they play.

I’m not saying I can’t hear any of it, you recalcitrant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ADORE this opening. It’s bang-on the direction they need to be going - offering an alternative news broadcast, with a side of humour.

It’s basically the CBS Evening News package with its use of still photography:


My Grandfather uses ear plugs sometimes when watching tv. Perhaps that might help :stuck_out_tongue:


Only when you’re around. :thinking: Maybe that’s because he can’t handle listening to you any more. I know how he feels. :joy:


:joy: I have been wondering why he always falls asleep when I am around.


In all seriousness I do agree that the music could be dialled back a notch when they are reading the news. I like how they are doing it to grab the attention.


I don’t like the music playing while their reading out the news headlines…and shock horror l’m agreeing with @JBar it’s way too loud .


It was bound to happen again…eventually. Buy yourself a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Peter Van Onselen is filling in for Waleed tonight.


Dare I say as an American that The Project does it better than CBSEN.


What kind of idiot does a somersault with a gun in his pocket?


Are you asking @PointJules that because he is American?


It was just a general question after watching that CBS Evening News clip.


If that person didn’t have their gun secured properly to their body and on safety, they are irresponsible. Yep, those types do exist.

In any case, if anyone has a show recorded from this year, I’d love to see it.