The Project


Well Seven and Nine do have bulletins throughout the day compared to 10 which only has the main 5pm Bulletin so of course their Newsrooms is going to be more cut throat compared to 10’s “Cruise Control” of a Newsroom.


Monday 31 December -


Great to see Neralda being utilized more by Ten. A fantastic news personality. Best one Ten Perth has had since… well ever. :slight_smile:


Not just 5pm…what about Studio 10, The Project and aswell as 10 Daily?




Who left those snacks out from last night!? lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Location bug around 150km off the mark.


How did they stuff that up? Not even close to Rockdale. And they had it on there twice. In another spot earlier in the story.


Kimberly was reporting from Bomaderry last August to cover the Nowra bushfires. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it.


Sunday Project in Melbourne this weekend, and presumably there until HYBPA resumes.


First Sunday show of 2019-

Sarah Harris hosting with Waleed, Tommy Little and Meshel Laurie


Pass. Everyone’s amazing except Meshel. She’s become a complete psycho on Twitter. Unfollowed her months ago.


I think 10 should have Sarah Harris do the hosting job more often and give Lisa Wilkinson her own gig.


Sarah always does a great job and I hope they use her more in 2019. Meshel is great too… better than Tommy and Dave.


I have no problems with her on this show. I don’t follow her on twitter but I don’t get the sense she is ‘psycho’ and is quite well spoken and level headed with her views on the project.


Basically, she’s become this “fighter” for every and any cause that arises. She’s very intense and when people challenge her and tell her to mind her own business or ask why she cares so much if it doesn’t affect her, she unleashes by being pretty rude and agressive.

This was a few months ago, so I’m not sure if she’s settled down since then.


But isn’t she allowed to have a view? She has never been like that on the project, not the ones I have watched.


Of course she is. She’s just very over passionate. One example is she consistently attacks Donald Trump (and I know everyone does lol) but she acts like he’s our PM and she challenges everything he does. People reply to her telling her to settle down etc he isn’t our problem and she just goes off.

Definitely not the same Meshel she used to be.


Well they just had a piece on Donald trump and she didn’t seem psycho on the topic. In fact, I don’t think she even said anything.

I guess people have to remember twitter is often a place where people express their views and get over it if they have a view. It might be about views on another country but just because it’s not in Australia doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have a view. We see Australians getting involved in wars all the time that have nothing to do with our shores… so why can’t people have views of other issues in other countries?