The Project


Lol nope, skimmed over that clearly. Apologies


Haha no worries. Just pays to read twice before asking. :wink:


That shows zero faith in the program. Just axe it if Ten can’t be bothered having it on all year round.


How ridiculous, plenty of current affairs shows will be taking breaks over the holiday period.


It would be the equivalent of Seven and Nine deciding to drop the weekend editions of Sunrise and Today for a month over Summer. What it shows is that Ten is still not serious. The very few people who have have got into the habit of watching The Sunday Project may not bother coming back.


January is in 2 weeks.


Thanks for that. And the first Sunday in January is in 3 weeks.


4th co-host this week -

Monday - Sam Maiden
Tuesday - Meshel Laurie
Wednesday - Jan Fran
Thursday - Rachel Corbett
Friday - Peter Van Onselen


Sarah Harris on The Project tonight, presumably filling in for Lisa.


The Weekday Project also takes a break you know. It’s better to anyway or otherwise they’ll just repeat the stories they showed earlier this year. A bit like what 60 Mins and Sunday Night do during the Summer.


i believe ACA are the only Current Affairs program that go all year round.


It shouldn’t be taking a break either, except on Christmas Day. The Project is a news program and should be on all year round - without doing highlight programs.


Fair enough. But The Project is only taking two weeks off. It’s not like they are taking two months off like the ABC Current Affairs shows.


I second this I don’t really understand the break. I understand the hosts and crew deserve a break but surely most can work. Take Christmas Day and Boxing Day off the rest they should be on air.


Fake News Alert! There are no breaks for the weekday Project - it is scheduled for every weekday including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

However, ABC’s 7.30 is having 2 weeks off. Clearly ABC has no faith in the show :wink:


Great news thanks for clearing that up.:+1:


Monday (17.12.2018): Sarah Harris is co-hosting with Waleed tonight. Sam Maiden is also on the panel.


I wonder what they would have done if Sarah wasn’t available, surely they would have tried Gorgi first since she’s a little closer? Tarsh?

Jennifer Keyte would’ve been good (esp since Quarters read the news tonight) but she’s obviously on holidays or off at the moment.


I think Tarsh is on holidays, hence why they got Sarah.