The Project


I wonder if Ten had applied for the commercial filming permit they are required to get, or if Macdonald just turned up?


Sunday -
Sarah Harris is on the show again this week.


Can Tommy give it a rest already.


Pretty dodgy if that includes news gathering.


Have to agree I’m no longer finding it funny… :roll_eyes:


What about a Saturday edition next year?

The Saturday Project?




A lot will say the Sunday edition has been a bust but I think Ten need to look at investing in this on a Saturday.

I also think they should look at dropping the name of the day on Sunday and Saturday if it is 7 days a week. Just needs to be called The Project.


If it means they can slow down the pace a little bit and invest a little more in their content, I’m all for a Saturday edition. Susie Youssef squashed into the last four and a half minutes tonight, such a waste of good content.


Lighten up, mate.


I don’t need to lighten up. Perfectly light here.

Just think the old comedic vibe of being overtly OTT in every interaction has been done to death.


You sound like a typical Rick and Sue viewer :wink:


Has nothing to do with Rick & Sue?! :thinking:


I like to use the unfollow button on insta… it’s his thing I’m happy for him to keep it up.


lol I’m not following him. It’s only what I see on here. Or the odd occasion I see the show.

Anyways. Back on topic.


Maybe they should get Darryl Somers on and it’ll end up being called Hey Hey it’s The Saturday Project! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Channel 7 “old” viewer :joy:


I’d be fine with The Project 7 days a week. Gives them new content for a Saturday night as well.
It may not be a huge rating program but it’s still a brand and identity for 10 in my opinion, it is essentially their prime time news service so why not air it 7 days a week.


Agree. He’s so over the top of late that it is tedious to watch. Perfect example, his appearance today on Studio10.


I like the new lower thirds on the project but interesting to see how / if the New Zealands the Project will take the graphics