The Project


Graphics do look different



Yes they have given the graphics a minor update.
Looks fresh :slight_smile:


new titlecard looks sick, I also like the darker look but it’s still light outside, they could keep a lighter look for summer.



Will the project ever go for a cleaner look? The dark blues have been there forever. The lens flares and other such effects are so dated.


Are they using the new 10 News First Graphics? They look similar.


I was hoping for a little refresh of the backdrop and graphics and while this is nice, it’s much of the same and probably barely noticeable for the everyday person.


The new graphics are nice. They seem to have taken away the skyline and emphasised the city lights, like it was when they launched.


I agree go graphics are nice. I dislike that they have the changed the lighting on the // light boxes to blue…



Looks like they’ve removed the Peoject crawler from the top of the backdrops, don’t mind the darker blue hues used and sharper lens flares.


I wonder if three 's version of The Project NZ will take this theme this year or next year or at all?


Love that new font - really modern. Reminds me of the Google refresh


Agreed. I think this darker blue is better suited to winter when it’s dark outside at this time and needs to be a lighter blue now heading into summer.


Wonder if they’ve updated the Sydney set as well which is mostly lightboxes (which are only 6 months old!).

Or maybe they could invest in a new multi-purpose set for Studio 10, Sunday Project and Rove? Just line the walls with screens and let the graphics do the work.


Friday -
Gorgi Coghlan co-hosting with Waleed, Sarrah Le Marquand and Merrick Watts.


Do you know who’s on Sunday? I think Tommy will be busy.


I don’t know why they keep asking her back. She’s so bland.


Meshel Laurie joining Hamish, Lisa and Tommy.

Next week -
Monday -
Hamish filling in for Waleed.