The PM’s Daughter

The PM’s Daughter

World Premiere

Friday 24 December 6.30pm

Cat is like any other teenager, with one difference: her mother is the Prime Minister of Australia. Along with her new friends, Cat navigates life in the spotlight, while tracking down a hidden threat to her mum.

Catalina Parkes Pérez (CASSANDRA HELMOT) is like any other teenager who wants to have her voice heard. There’s just one complication: her mother, Isabel, (CLAIRE FEARON) is the Prime Minister of Australia.

Cat has always been someone who stands up for what she believes in, but her mum’s new job is putting a serious dent in her freedom to be who she wants to be. How can Cat make her voice heard when there’s so much pressure to support her mum and be “the perfect daughter”?

As if all that weren’t enough, a series of stunts have started playing out across the
national Capital, clearly aimed at sabotaging the Prime Minister. When blame falls on Cat’s activist heroes, Action Uprising, Cat decides to dig into unmasking an alternative group, the Agitators, who are really behind the stunts. Luckily for Cat, she has two new friends, Sadie (NATALIE ENGLISH) and Ollie (JAGAYAP), to help her.
Production credits: A Fremantle Australia production for the ABC.


The premiere has been pushed back to this Saturday (January 1) at 5.30pm.

Green Guide (The Age) and Guide (SMH) have an interview with Cassandra Helmot.

Strange that the ABC is choosing these odd dates to debut their first run series. Bluey, Born to Spy and now The PM’s Daughter all running outside the peak viewing periods.

Just watched the first episode. This series is really well made and it’s great how it doesn’t talk down to younger viewers. It would easily sit alongside other quality Australian dramas we see in prime time. Reminds me of how good Dance Academy was, when it was made.

The series will return for a second season with production funding from Screen Australia announced today.

A 10-part second series of the popular live action children’s drama for ABC. This series follows Cat who has found her groove as the Prime Minister’s daughter, but her school and home life are upended when she discovers an unexpected crush, begins a feverishly competitive internship, and outs a shocking parental secret – all leading to the unmasking of a brand new conspiracy. Series 2 sees the return of writers Lou Sanz (6 Festivals), Hannah Samuel (Rock Island Mysteries), Gemma Bird Matheson (The Power of the Dream) and Craig Irvin (Itch), and co-executive producer Kieran Hoyle. They are joined by writers Jess Paine (The Heights), Alexandra Cullen (The Heights) and Nikki Tran (Girl, Interpreted), series producer Tim Powell (Rock Island Mysteries), co-producer Yingna Lu (Love Bug) and executive producer Warren Clarke (Mustangs FC). This project is financed with support from the ABC and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

I’m surprised they’re doing a second season. It started off well but I felt like it went round in circles with the storyline and was became way too preachy. The main character became very annoying by the middle of the first sesson.