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The high court’s decision that the publisher of content on Social Media is responsible for the comments people leave has seen CNN restrict access to their Facebook pages in Australia

Seems a bit of an overreaction from CNN. If the comments on their posts contain false and possibly dangerous misinformation, then they should be legally liable for that. No way around it.

CNN are of course blaming Facebook, because it wont make moderation “easy”

“We are disappointed that Facebook, once again, has failed to ensure its platform is a place for credible journalism and productive dialogue around current events among its users,” the CNN spokeswoman said in a statement. “CNN will, of course, continue to publish content on our own platforms in Australia and to deliver quality journalism to our audiences around the world.”

It also covers libellous content, and our legal threshold for being able to take action on libel/defamation is quite low

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Why can’t they just switch comments off if it’s too hard to moderate them?

according to WSJ

Facebook declined to disable all comments on CNN’s pages in Australia and instead offered to help CNN disable comments on its posts one by one, the person said.

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I’ve noticed that ACM papers have started to really restrict what posts of theirs you can comment on, with some papers not allowing comments on any post.

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