The Masked Singer

Ok. So still going to burn through the episodes in about 5 weeks. A bit silly if you ask me. However surely it might only be for the first week though.

Maybe it’s masked singer for 4-5 weeks then amazing race replaces it for the next 5-6 weeks assuming that will be twice a week as well.

Remember this is ten… always running out of content.


News Corp is tipping US late night talk show host James Corden could be on the show. Corden flew into Sydney for just a weekend a few weeks back, and has relatives living in Australia.

Wouldn’t be the worst idea to have him on the show as a bit of cross promotion, he obviously likes to do a bit of karaoke :joy:

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I just love how Australian media love to ruin everything now for the sake of an exclusive.


If that is the case, he would have had to have been eliminated in his first episode. With his voice, I would have thought he would have lasted at least a few episodes?

These exclusives don’t really ruin the show because no one actually knows who they are. It’s all hype.

Give it a spoiler tag please. I don’t want any spoiler related tags for this considering the show is about guessing…

News Corp may be wrong with its guess, but I will put a spoiler tag on anyway.

This sounded like nothing more than some tongue in cheek IMO, the same has been said about Ange for I’m A Celeb etc.

Also, today’s guest host was Jan Fran - not Jane Hall.

Can we keep the names in spoiler tags?

The fact that even TvTonight suggested may contain spoilers means there could be some credit in the article. And since the show is guessing based on the clues and not insider knowledge it would be appreciated as a potential viewer that insider info by put in spoilers. If its no hassle (which it shouldn’t).

The Jungle and Masked Singer are two different shows. This show is all about the reveals.

Dannii was a special guest quizmaster on HYBPA tonight, and Ed Kavalee revealed two names who were on The Masked Singer, as told by Dave Hughes on the Hit Network drive show.

It was a joke. Not a revelation.


How do people think this show is going to rate? I feel like there is potential for Ten to have a real hit here. Hopefully it is the show they need to really give them that boost and we possibly have event television again. I am super keen for it.

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I think it’ll do better than whatever rubbish Seven is offering, but to become a true hit I think The Masked Signer needs to outrate The Block.

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I think Ten will be hoping it would and I do think it can beat The Block. It’s something fresh and new, has the potential to be event television and become a real water cooler show.


It’s likely in the demos. Survivor and The Bachelor have shown this year it is possible to consistently beat The Block in that key area.

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It won’t reach the heights of the first season of The Voice in 2012, but if the first few episodes can reach 1 million mark 10 will be happy.

I’m thinking that it could reach into the low 1mil+ range.
I’d guess around 1.1 - 1.3 million for the premiere which for 10 would be massive.

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