The Hit List TV

Does anyone recall Southern Cross Ten’s hit music show from the 2008-2012? I do, but never found out it was that show until recently.

The show was hosted by two really polite people (who were a lady and a man), who discussed about successful music (with segments about all the basic topics). Music videos were shown in-between, and at the end of the show they played the ARIA top 5 songs of the week.

Around mid-2011, they switched to playing the top 5 songs of an successful artist to finish the show. I recall the Britney Spears and Lady Gaga ones very well (the Lady Gaga one had “Judas” at #1 (advertising of her new single?) despite getting very little radio airplay and the Britney Spears one was very straight-forward).

It was a very nice predecessor to Ten’s own successor to Video Hits, The Loop

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Think it only aired as part of the tie in between SC’s radio stations and SC Ten as cheap non infomercial type filler.

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Yes it was part of SCA’s plan to expose their radio assets on TV and TV assetts on radio.

Hit List TV was hosted by Tim Dormer (pre-Big Brother fame) and Renee Peterson, who both hosted The Hit List radio show, the regional version of The Hot 30 Countdown.

At that time SCA was also majorly promoting TV shows on radio, paying former BB contestant and sometime host Bree Amer to do weekly radio spots with various regional breakfast teams to spruik Ten shows. They were also big in getting reality show interviews running (particularly with Australian Idol around that time).

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