The Heights

I don’t think this show will be seen until early next year.

Filming has finished and the show is in post-production.

Changes announced to ABC’s 6pm - 7pm in 2019 would seem to rule out The Heights for an early evening timeslot on weeknights.

Very curious isn’t it. I wonder where they are planning on putting it.


The ABC have previously stated that they’ve struggled to fill that time slot in the past.

Anyways, good to hear a production being based outside SYD/MELB for once.

The Heights

From Friday 22 February at 8.30pm (double episodes)

‘Slice of life’ drama series The Heights starts on ABC on 22 February, 830pm AEDT or binge the entire series on ABC iview

ABC’s The Heights will transport viewers into the inner-city neighbourhood of Arcadia Heights next month when it launches on ABC on Friday, 22 February at 8.30pm (AEDT). Because just one episode will leave audiences wanting for more, viewers can enjoy double episodes every Friday or binge as many episodes as they like, with all 30 episodes available on ABC iview following the launch broadcast.

From the producers of The Slap and Barracuda , The Heights is a charming and entertaining serial drama exploring the relationships between the residents of the Arcadia social housing tower and the people who live in the rapidly gentrifying community that surrounds it. It’s a program that the whole family can enjoy together and one that will make audiences laugh, think and emotionally engage with.

Shari Sebbens ( The Sapphires , Thor: Ragnarok ), Marcus Graham ( Secret City, Cleverman) , and Roz Hammond (S haun Micallef’s Mad As Hell) are just a few of The Heights’ impressive ensemble cast. Amongst these well-known faces are exciting emerging talents, including Phoenix Raei ( Romper Stomper , Mustangs FC ), Yazeed Daher ( Safe Harbour ), Bridie McKim, Callen Tassone ( Red Dog ) and Carina Hoang.

The Heights is a series driven by inclusivity both on and off screen and tackles a wide range of social issues faced by everyday Australians of all ages, from all walks of life, reflecting the melting pot of modern urban Australia.

Shot in Western Australia, The Heights provided a huge boost to the local television industry, employing nearly 100 local crew and casting 93 speaking and extras roles, including several first-time actors, writers and directors.

The Heights is produced by Matchbox Pictures and For Pete’s Sake Productions for ABC and developed and produced with the assistance of ABC in association with Screenwest, Lotterywest and NBCUniversal. International sales will be handled by NBCUniversal Distribution.

Why make a 30 minute show but then screen it as double episodes every week? :roll_eyes:


I’m kind of not bothered as much as I should be by the scheduling. It’s a seriel drama but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to air 5 nights a week. I’m still excited for this. And we’ve seen ABC can make Australian Drama work Friday’s at 8:30pm. It’s good content for slot for over 3 months.

Agree with the comments about scheduling. Doubt it will do well in that timeslot.

Looks great!


I hope they promote the hell out of it. A better timeslot might have been nice.

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Yeah you’re right.

But who’s actually choosing the time slot? How do you talk to an angel?

It’s like trying to catch a falling star.


Save it for a rainy day

The Heights cast.

Former Neighbours actors Dan Paris as Mark Davies and Saskia Hampele as Renee Davies.

Marcus Graham as Pav, Shari Sebbens as Leonie, Calen Tassone as Mich and Siria Kickett as Kit.

Roz Hammond as Claudia and Bridie McKim as Sabine.

Phoenix Raei as Ash Jafari and Ze Winters as Maryam Jafari.


Fantastic to see a scripted series reflecting the real Australia we live in now. Diverse and interesting. Perhaps shows like Home and Away and Neighbours would not be experiencing the domestic ratings losses they have been over the past few years if they made more attempts to have casts that reflect modern Australia.

Such a shame it isn’t airing how it’s designed to air. It’ll loose momentum every week.

I thought it was good. I’m definitely back next week but it’s going to be a tough ride suddenly having to stop for a week to see the “cliffhanger”.

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I know they’re 30 minutes eps, but how was it meant to air?

It’s a soap. So, over consecutive nights. It was meant to air 6pm weeknights on ABC before they changed their plans and now The Drum is there.


I ended up watching all 16 eps on Iview so that says something lol

To me it wasn’t so much a soap as a 90s drama because of the working class setting.

It reminded me of early E-Street before it went stupid.

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