The Future of TV - Linear vs. Streaming and beyond

I think WIN would be likely to try and buy the SCA solus markets at fire sale price and claim they doing everything they can to ensure regional viewers have access.

SCA need to realise one time, the value you believe your assets are worth does not necessarily reflect the market. Back in 2018, when WIN bought the NRN licence from SCA, I felt it was overpriced, but WIN were determined to proceed with the transaction.

Broadcasters will be now looking to reduce operating costs and maximise revenue potential. The broadcasting and streaming market with new players coming every day, even televisions are coming with channels pre-installed and accessed via internet connections, something that wasn’t around 20 years . As an example I recently bought an LG TV that has US Deal Or No Deal channels as well as channels focusing on animals


Just a thought that’s crossed my mind- I wonder which country will be the first to have their legacy pay TV providers switch off their satellite transmissions?

I strongly suspect 2031 is when we will see Foxtel here shut down their satellite network when their current arrangement with Optus ends.

I do wonder whether somewhere in Europe will end up being first cab off the rank though- Sky in the UK may be switching off as soon as 2028 (if they choose not to renew their arrangement with SES), not sure if there’s any others that may switch off sooner.

I still think ABC will be first to shut down their terrestrial TV network here. The only increase they may get to use for operational funding is if some of the tied funding for transmission, some $200 million odd, is redirected, saving an increase of the Federal Budget allocation to the ABC. Radio transmission would stay of course for emergency broadcasting reasons.

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Some countries have already shut down their terrestrial free to air TV channels because of high penetration of cable & satellite e.g. Switzerland.