The Drum

Is there a more boring or forgotten show on television than The Drum?

I know they discuss a lot of important issues and occasionally have good guests, but can’t help but feel it’s never really worked for the ABC.

I think it’s good but I would change a few things. Firstly, an hour is simply too long for the program and I do think it’s placed in the schedule incorrectly.

I think it should air after the news. It’s a discussion show and people tuning in should know what the news is first. You don’t have Talking Dead air before the Walking Dead episode.

This might work:

6PM ABC National News
6:30 The Drum
7pm ABC Local News
7:30pm 7:30

A much better flow so people can watch the news first and then be involved in the discussion afterwards.

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Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 March -

Fran Kelly is presenting tonight.


And last night as well

Tuesday 5 April -
Jeremy Fernandez presenting tonight.


Julia Baird posted on social media yesterday that she would have more surgery this week, and would not return to The Drum until next year.

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Show returns Monday, 23 January 2023

The Drum: January 26 Special

Thursday, 26 January 2023

In a Drum special, Dan Bourchier and the panel take a look at the issues surrounding the date January 26 from the perspective of Australia’s Indigenous people.

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