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Thursday & Friday -

Special Victorian Election editions of The Drum from Melbourne.

Monday & Tuesday -

Kathryn Robinson is hosting The Drum.

Best of 2018 specials at 5.30pm next week.

Adam Spencer wasn’t quite ready for this afternoon’s show. :wink:


Monday 4 February
6:00pm The Drum New Time

After the main channel broadcast, it will be repeated on ABC News channel at 7pm AEDT. Due to time difference, that means it will be “simulcast” in Queensland on main channel and ABC News at 6pm local time, and it will air first in WA on ABC News at 4pm local time before an encore on main channel at 6pm. This will continue until the end of daylight saving in early April.
The show will also have a new set and logo.

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From the promos, it seems the show will have a new set and look.


I think they should have renamed it

The show has not been so successful ever, and the drum name is kinda associated with a wushu wash weak low budget panel show

If they are really beefing it up to take on the news at 6, I think they should have renamed it - people
Will just see the name and stay away like they always have

The Panel
The News Panel
News Panel

I dunno. Maybe I’m. Wrong. I’m like the name the drum - but it’s got a weak brand associated with it

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That’s original.





Set looks really good.

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Looks good. Looks like an entirely new studio.

The promo looked great in HD.

Still blurry upconverted SD for the actual program though, hopefully the ABC will finally get those HD control rooms this side of 2020! :confused:

Too bad the lighting is still rubbish. Otherwise the set is great.

Today should take a look and adopt a similar style set when they move to North Sydney.


Something about it still feels odd and cheap

ABC doesn’t have the slickest productions

Music feels off. Awkward silence. Drawn out transitions. Static camera shot that never move

It just has no smoothness or flow


Is this coming from the news 24 studio?

Agree. The ABC cry poor but can afford to invest in set redesigns that are completely unnecessary. What was wrong with the old one? I’d rather they invest in actual content and investigative journalism or scripted storytelling entertainment formats.

I hope efforts are made this year to include more right of centre views in panel discussions. The lack of political opinion diversity is breathtaking across the network, as last night’s Q&A indicates.

The previous version of the Drum was hosted out of the 7PM news studio. They had to get a new set because they broadcast at 6PM now.


Thanks for letting me know. Orange is too bright for the subject matter and nature of the show. They could have made attempts to replicate the previous set and style.

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