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[quote]ACCC warns of increased risk of ACCC impersonators

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a public warning pursuant to section 223 of the Australian Consumer Law about a likely increase in bodgy advice to consumers by scammers masquerading as a serious consumer affairs program.

The ACCC particularly advises Australians to be on the lookout for a suspicious television program called The Checkout which purports to offer advice to consumers. Credible intelligence suggests the program may return to the ABC on Thursday April 7 at 8.00pm.

“It’s not a very sophisticated operation, often using silly costumes, graphics and cute animals to distract people. But an alarming number of consumers are being hoodwinked,” said ACCC Chairman Rod Sims. “The extent of the fraud might even be more serious. I can’t be sure though because I can’t understand a word Craig Reucassel says.”

Scams like The Checkout are never a substitute for the only true source of consumer advice, the ACCC. If you think you have seen an episode of The Checkout, report it either to the ACCC via the official twitter account @acccgovau or to the TV ratings regulator OzTam.

The ACCC has also received reports that The Checkout sometimes pretends to be the ACCC in press releases. Anyone receiving such a press release should report The Checkout’s misconduct widely in all forms of media.

Consumers are advised to avoid watching any program featuring presenters Julian Morrow, Kirsten Drysdale, Craig Reucassel, Zoë Norton Lodge, Ben Jenkins, Scott Abbot, Hannah May Reilly, CHOICE’s Kate Browne as well as Alex Lee who has apparently been induced to leave her former role as a political reporter with BuzzFeed on false pretences.

Get involved in The Checkout: (to send in video complaints)

Production details: 12 x 30 minutes (+ 4 ‘best of’ episodes).
A Giant Dwarf, Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder and ABC TV co-production.
ABC Executive Producer: Michael Badcock.
Series Producer Martin Robertson.
Executive Producers Julian Morrow and Nick Murray.[/quote]


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The press releases related to The Checkout are always outrageously funny.

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It looked pretty official in my inbox too! If I hadn’t recognised the sender’s name from ABC Publicity I would’ve probably just deleted it.

Press release is funnier then the show is itself.
IMO it’s almost unwatchable these days with how cringe-worthy some of the humour is.

Were the makers trying to generate some publicity by being controversial or deliberately offensive last night? I can’t think of any other reason they thought a story about on-line hotel bookings needed to be illustrated by Joseph and Mary with a donkey with Mary’s water breaking a plastic doll being born. So much of the show is now given over to ridiculous pseudo comedy that the actual reporting gets lost. The final segment with Julian Morrow taking about Dick Smith was so much easier to watch.

You’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I don’t watch it anymore. It’s almost insulting to the audience IMO that they feel the need to dress up some of their segments in cringe comedy.

Tonight’s The Checkout will be the last for now. Next week is the budget reply speech and then The Chaser’s Election Desk.

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That was the third episode tonight, right? From memory there were six produced for this season, including two compilation episodes

Edit: it was the fourth.

The announcement at the end of the show said to tune in for The Chaser’s Election Desk from Wednesday 8 June - so rather than taking The Checkout’s timeslot, it seems that the team can’t produce two shows at once?

At the end of this week show, it was announced that the next 2 weeks would be “factory seconds” episodes then the show would return in 2017.

What am I going to watch now :disappointed_relieved:

###The Checkout Season 5

Empowering audiences with its mix of strident consumer advocacy balanced by comedy, The Checkout has transformed consumer affairs in Australia. Featured stories on everything from gendered marketing to health insurance coupled with interstitial favourites such as ‘product versus packshot’ have become compelling viewing. Featuring Craig Reucassel, Julian Morrow, Kirsten Drysdale, Zoe Norton-Lodge, Alex Lee and Ben Jenkins, the show is a crucible for upcoming talent. The Australian Consumer law has never been less dull.

Production Credits: Produced by Giant Dwarf

Runs for: Twelve x 30min episodes, plus four x 30min ‘best ofs’ and 20 x ‘snack size’ episodes of 4-9mins on ABC TV and ABC iview.

Coming to 2017

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###The Checkout Season 5

From Thursday 6 April at 8:00pm

The Checkout, ABC’s factual consumer affairs series, returns to our screens with 12 x 30’ episodes which aim to turn consumer TV on its head with its no-holds-barred, irreverent and entertaining approach to the subject at hand.

As in previous series, presenters will include Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel from The Chaser team, Kirsten Drysdale, Zoe Norton Lodge, Ben Jenkins, Scott Abbot, Alex Lee, Andy Matthews and Kate Browne from CHOICE. The Checkout is a co-production between ABC TV, Giant Dwarf and CJZ.

Each episode will tackle issues that face all of us when we open our wallets - identifying ways consumers are being taken advantage of, manipulated and ripped off… even if there’s nothing illegal about it.

With support from Australia’s consumer group CHOICE, The Checkout aims to give viewers a healthy and/or dangerous mix of info and attitude that hopefully might lead to smarter spending decisions

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Sounds like CHOICE is going to be a lot more involved this year?

@Brad (and other members) might have seen something familiar on The Checkout tonight:

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The Checkout Season 6

Returns Tuesday 30 January at 8pm



8PM Tuesday 30 January

Australia’s leading - and only - satirical consumer affairs show, The Checkout, returns to ABC with 12 new 30 minute episodes on Tuesday 30 January 2018 with:

● NEW LOOK! The Checkout has had an extreme makeover with new logo, show branding and theme music.
● NEW TIMESLOT! after 5 years airing on Thursdays, The Checkout moves to Tuesday nights 8pm
● NEW SEGS! like Shocking Savings, Craig Reucassel, fresh from the success of his War on Waste, hunts for practical ways to save you money on your power bills. Of course you’ll need to have your TV on to find out how, but you’re welcome to unplug it after!

And in What To Reject When You’re Expecting, presenter and expectant mother Zoe Norton Lodge explores the questionable products flogged to expecting couples and recommends cheap, effective alternatives that aren’t marketed to a Guilty Mum.

Series 6 also sees the return of old favourites such as Product vs Packshot, The Catch, Asterisk Man, Signs of the Times … and the outlet for viewer complaints FUtube.

And as always, the core of The Checkout will continue to be stories addressing all manner of consumer issues that directly affect your life… and will help save you money. Topics on the menu including buying a TV, bed sheets, and bread; aged care; life insurance in superannuation; and dealing with the challenge/horror of building your own home.

Each episode will tackle issues that face all of us when we open our wallets - identifying ways consumers are being taken advantage of, manipulated and ripped off… even if there’s nothing illegal about it.

Presenters for series 6 are: Mark Sutton, David Cunningham, Alex Lee (Choice), Scott Abbot, Craig Reucassel, Ben Jenkins, Kirsten Drysdale, Julian Morrow and Zoë Norton Lodge (L-R in photo).

Hate the new graphics…

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