The Chaser’s Election Desk

###The Chaser’s Election Desk

Series Premiere Wednesday 8 June at 9.00pm

A long election campaign needs a long desk. Other networks boast of explosive coverage, yet offer paltry election desks as short as 33 metres (Channel Seven) and 36 metres (Channel Nine — and that length is mostly for Karl to rest his beers on).

But only The Chaser offers a desk long enough to cover this year’s explosive marathon with truly explosive explosiveness.

Measuring a seat-analysingly enormous 263,814 kilometres in length, stretching from Hobart to Broome and winding through all 150 electorates on the way, and with a full time election blowhard stationed every 60 centimetres for no particular reason, only one desk is equipped for this stupendously protracted shit-fight.

The longest desk. The most explosive desk. The Chaser’s Election Desk.


Last night’s ep was just OK for me. The production seemed to let it down; perhaps the logistic of the desk, but the camera switching seemed off. They didn’t catch too many politicians out and there wasn’t much interesting shown in the media reporting. A few instances of identical clips shown as the preceding Mad as Hell.

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I agree.

The constant switching between hosts was annoying me too. A funny joke to start with but really grating after a while.

Yeah, I think the stunts have been done to death and I prefer the satire and sketches they do.

And quite a few were also covered by The Project.

Yep agree with all those points.

The politicians are so used to it now that they either play along with it (like Tanya & Bill did with the rat stunt) or security steps before they get a chance to perform it (eg; Chas falling down in front of Turnbull). Therefore as JBar said, their stronger material is the studio pieces/sketches.

About identical clips being shown on both Mad as Hell & The Chaser, it’s near impossible for the two shows not to cover some of the same ground. However, I don’t think it’s a major issue since both shows use them in different ways to suit their styles

They’re shows are getting worse and worse. Hamster wasn’t great, and a whole show based around a big desk? The editing was bad, it was all disjointed and didn’t run together properly. They’ve probably just had their day now.

Their shows?


Bring back the proper Chaser show. Tired of all these knock offs.

It’s not a knockoff. It’s the regular Election series.
1.1 2001 series (The Election Chaser)
1.2 2004 series (The Chaser Decides)
1.3 2007 series (The Chaser Decides)
1.4 2010 series (Yes We Canberra)
1.5 2013 series (The Hamster Decides)
1.6 2016 series (The Chaser’s Election Desk)


They started going off track after they dropped The Chaser Decides format.

Too many women on the show. F###ing PC ABC. Could not help themselves.

Can’t women be funny?

Well these individuals who happened to be female, weren’t.

But please - provide us some generalisation about the comedic talents of an entire race, ethnicity or religion too.

OK, I am not exactly sure what you’re saying there. I think I agree with your first part. Anyway, my point is - No, these women are not funny. Can women be funny? F’ing A yes. But when you insert a bunch of women into the show because you have an ideological zeal to fill a quota and the show simply must have women on it, then it’s not a funny show anymore - it died from the cancer of political correctness.

The Chaser team was originally just men but women have always been part of their shows even if they didn’t have a prominent role at the start. But for quite a while now, more and more women have appeared in their other productions like The Checkout and Media Circus.

There have been a few changes over the years and original members of the team Dominic Knight & Charles Firth have left and others have been missing when involved in other projects. Chris Taylor is notably absent this time.

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The main shot they used of the presenters was far, far too wide out. I couldn’t spot who was speaking for several seconds - that’s how bad it was.

I’ve got no issues with the women on the team. They do the job just as well as the men, as shown on The Checkout.

I thought last night’s episode was by far the best of the series; possible due to a lot more content to pick from. Some actual LOL moments. Loved the “stop the boats” segment.

it was the best of a poor showing I thought, the set and the very, very poor editing made it feel disjointed and not easy to watch

I watched the show for the first time last night. It was funny at parts and they poked at election coverage on all networks including the ABC.
There were about 30 people sitting at the long desk but only a few people got to speak. Were the rest of them production staff or interns?