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Speaking of new chasers, we have one. The Professor (aka David Poltorak). To air from 2024.


It’s also easy to give an answer when it’s on the screen after you get it wrong. There have been many an occasion where the chaser got it wrong then blurted out the correct answer. Given the number of times this has happened in the Australian version, I really have to question the integrity of this show

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Happened plenty of times on the UK version of the show too. Non-issue really and I doubt the viewers care. If anything it makes the Chasers appear more ‘relatable’.

Have you ever done a high pressure quiz like this? You often go for the wrong answer then as soon as you say it the right one comes to mind. It’s not “scripted”.


If you say so. But given there have been many cheating scandals over the last 70 years involving contestants or others, I think it’s hard to rule it out completely.

One such cheating scandal was satirized on the American family comedy, Happy Days. The original cheating scandal happened on a show called Twenty-One. The contestants the producer, Daniel Enright met with were apparently assisted with questions and answers. The scandal was exposed by a fellow named James Snodgrass who provided letters to the shows participants with a list of questions and answers. This scandal was also immortalised in the 1994 movie, Quiz Show.

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Are you seriously suggesting that game shows could still be being rigged? All of the major rigging scandals in the US, including the one you mentioned, occured in the 1950s and forced major regulatory changes. The scandals basically killed off big money game shows in the US until the mid 70s. There is no way that a network or production company in this modern age of technology would risk the damage that such a scandal would bring.


I’m saying that given the past I would not rule out game shows always playing strictly by the rules.

How about this scenario - viewers would get bored with a format like The Chase if the Chaser was always the winner. Perhaps Mara is the Patsy they use when they want contestants to win. If this is the case and Mara knows that it’s done for “entertainment” value, then it’s a shame, if I am wrong and it’s co-incidental then that ok.

I’m just saying Mara, based on what I have seen is not up with the governess, tiger mum, supernerd and Goliath intellectually. But then I could be wrong

It absolutely wouldn’t work, and you don’t need to have any kind of high intelligence to realise that. The whole concept of the show is beating people who are largely unbeatable.

As for the new Chaser - won’t be a good luck if the new female Chasers have to do a year as a “guest Chaser” to prove themselves before officially joining the team whilst the first male addition to the roster of Aussie chasers just comes straight in as a new Chaser.

I said yesterday that with 5 Aussie Chasers they don’t really need the UK ones anymore - and adding a sixth makes that point even more valid. Not sure if they still show repeats every Friday but if the do that’s basically one new appearance a fortnight from each Chaser.

I have removed a stack of posts and giving this thread a time out for a while


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From 2024 Upfronts

Larry Emdur and his chasers – The Supernerd, The Shark, Goliath, The Governess, The Beast, The Tiger Mum and The Smiling Assassin – have made The Chase Australia the #1 afternoon game show in every week of 2023. The hit series will be back in 2024 for another year of tough questions, eager contestants – and with two brand new chasers, including The Professor. The Chase Australia is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the Seven Network based on the original ITV quiz show.


In todays episode, Larry made mention that he did not know Grant Denyer when a contentant made a reference to Celebeity Name Game


Ongoing “rivalry” between Larry and Grant. They both bag each other out on social media and on their various shows at times. Very much like the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman “feud”. Quite entertaining at times.


When Grant collapsed on The Amazing Race recently he introduced himself to the medic as Larry Emdur.

The show ended with a message.


And Hughesy and Kyle

Beat The Chasers UK is back with more prime time episodes for Perth viewers from Wed 13 December.

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Will Beat the Chasers UK ever be shown in Sydney and Melbourne? Doesn’t have to be main channel.


I think the reason NSW and Victoria didn’t get the show was mainly due to earlier live coverage of the Big Bash League in the other states creating a plughole in Seven’s schedule in those markets, and scheduling that program as a gap-filler would put those markets in line with the rest of the network. That’s one theory I have, though I could be wrong.

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Promo just aired during the cricket for a special series of The Chase where contestants play against two chasers (standard series, not Beat the Chasers). The promo called it ‘The Chase: Double Trouble’