The Chase Australia

Those shows don’t need help.

Keep it at five, give Craig some time to fix the godawful mess between 6-7, and hope that helps lift Home and Away. 7.30 onwards is not an issue.


Looks like no Chase tonight due to Seven’s special about Essendon Bombers.

I thought it was bumped to tomorrow night a few days ago?

Yes - moved to Wednesday a while ago now.

Yes, I like the idea of prime time quiz at 7pm.
Am watching it right now!

I have been missing that ever since the days of “Sale Of The Century”.


According to the Foxtel Guide Seven are now going to try The Chase at 5pm on Sundays Starting 7 Feb

[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:26, topic:356, full:true”]
According to the Foxtel Guide Seven are now going to try The Chase at 5pm on Sundays Starting 7 Feb[/quote]
So in some way it is similar to Ten showing Family Feud on Sundays.
What does this mean to Seven News at 5? And travel shows at 5.30pm (e.g. The Great South East in Brisbane)?

Not “some way” but “exact way”. They are copy cats.

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Scheduling a show of the same genre on the same day but in a non-competing timeslot is textbook copycatting

No 5pm news (following Bathurst 12 hour). In Queensland “The Great South East” moves to Saturday at 4.30pm with 7’s 5pm news at 4pm - this is for 6 Feb.

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Sydney Weekender used to be on Saturdays back in the day. Could always move it back there.

I like watching The Chase, but can’t they just leave The Chase to 5pm Weeknights, and leave the weekends alone? There is no need to air it 6 nights a week.

Also, The Chase aired today, after two weeks off for the Australian Open. Seven aired a 30-mintue version (repeat) at 5.30pm. Seven were airing the Women’s Doubles Finals Match live, and at 5.30pm, told viewers in Sydney and Melbourne (not sure of other cities) to continue watching the tennis on SevenTwo. I found airing the shorter repeat of the show as strange.

What did they cut out to make it a half hour? Cash builder rounds and chit chat?

There are 2 contestants and the cash builder money is combined (highest cash player goes through next round).

Can someone please tell me who The Chaser was on Friday January 15? The website has that it was a half hour episode… But I don’t think that is correct.

Did it return Friday January 29 as well? If so, who was The Chaser?

We know Mark (The Beast) filmed a small number of episodes last November. Will Seven show all of his episodes in the next 2-3 weeks, or spread out the episodes so a different Chaser appears on TV each weekday?

Brisbane as part of a one hour episode on 15 Jan was Supernerd

On 29 Jan in Brisbane, also one hour was Goliath.

Thanks TV Cynic. It must have been different across the time zones… Do we know who The Chaser was on the respective dates in Melbourne?

In Melbourne
Jan 15 was supposed to be ep 63
Jan 29 was supposed to be ep 64

Why would they show his episodes all in s row? They’ll mix it up like they always have.

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