The Bolt Report

Currently on hiatus but The Bolt Report may return next year.

Personally, I hope the show goes on a permanent hiatus! But somehow, I doubt that’s going to be the case. :frowning:

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Somehow I doubt you’re alone on that one! This show should never be seen again… ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“No fear no favour”. Yeah sure thing. :grin:

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Andrew will surely bolt over to News Corp when they take over Sky News.

the show won’t go away. At least he will go to topics that the left wing media won’t cover. He tends to be right a lot of the time. He won’t go over and besides if he was, he would’ve gone when News Corp was producing the show. He did say see you in 2016. At least Anthony Albanese goes on the show unlike the ALP who never goes on the show, when they should. At least the Coalition does go on Insiders.

The Bolt Report is finished on Ten according to The Australian


Any details?

I’m sure Ten would love it have it continue. I think it still rated quite well. 150 ish?

Only Gina wanted the show. It’s a piece of shit. Glad to see the back of it. Ten can use the money elsewhere in the news department.

Sad to see they ruined the once great Meet the Press. Was a simple show with much gravitas for the network.

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Here’s a report, along with Andrew Bolt’s response:

Ten should really consider bringing back ‘Meet the Press’ to Sunday mornings, get Paul Bongiorno & Hugh Riminton with Sandra Sully or Kath Robinson hosting! :+1:

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It was axed due to low ratings. Im pretty sure Kath Robinson is with the ABC now.

@JBar Kath is only working freelance with ABC the last l read.

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The News Corp papers are quoting Bolt as saying the show is not axed but since it’s produced by News Corp it will likely be moving to Foxtel. If Ten wanted the show, they could screen it too like they do with Gogglebox. But I’d say they’ve decided to give it the flick.

News Corp. produces it, not Foxtel.

Corrected. My bad.

It’s not very often that I say this about the axing/cutting back of news or current affairs programs on Network Ten, but I think that this is fantastic news!

All we need now is for The Verdict and A Current Affair to be axed and then all will be right in the world of news & current affairs programing on Australian FTA TV! :stuck_out_tongue:

With any luck Nine will pick him up to appear on The Verdict - thus ensuring that no-one continues to watch Bolt or The Verdict.


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