The Block

Episode 13 - Work from home reveals

It’s 26 hours until the Blockheads have to reveal their work from home spaces and the storm clouds are approaching.

Three weeks in and some of the couples are budgeting better than others, Gian is probably the best at it on The Block.

Our couples prepare for the storm, as they are told a number of times to cover their roofs with tarps provided. Steph and Gian and Kristy and Brett are well prepared, the other couples not so much.

Leah and Ash don’t take much notice of the rain warnings, their attitude is - everything will be alright.

At 5.20pm on Saturday evening, after Keith calls “Tool’s Down,” the rain starts and it doesn’t stop.

Via the contestants WhatsApp group chat, the drama unfolds all night.

As the rain continues the leaks start appearing. The worst affected are Leah and Ash, it is like a torrent of rain in House No.2. Leah is beside herself, all the emotions come out.

Eliza and Liberty and Kyle and Leslie also have major leaks.

Funny that, the three houses who didn’t prepare properly have major leaks as the rain continues.

As “Tool’s Down,” is called by Scotty in the morning, Leah and Ash are devastated as a section of their roof collapses from the weight of the water. It’s a wet weather disaster in House No.3 and Leah is inconsolable.

Despite the weather, judging must continue. Lucky for Leah and Ash, a team of Scotty’s workers fixes their room so it’s presentable. Scotty also tells the contestants he will fix any water damage in coming weeks, so that is not on the contestants.

Judging this week is a bit different, it’s done back to front, House No.5, Eliza and Liberty, will go first.

Eliza and Liberty spent $27,051

Shaynna was amazed Eliza and Liberty managed to finish after all of the rain. Compared to last week, this was a real step up, the judges thought. The main criticism was the judges thought the Slim Aarons styled artwork was not right for the room, and the blue wallpaper looked cheap. The room had a nice feel to it.

Steph and Gian spent $22,380

Shaynna loved the usage of the beams, she is now starting to see Steph and Gian’s vision when it comes to this.

Marty felt the room had a real sophistication about it.
Darren wasn’t sold on the beams, but after a while he came around. He thought the standard of the build was incredible.

Kristy and Brett spent $29,919

The judges thought Kristy and Brett took the work from home brief too literally. This room reminded them of a corporate office, not a welcoming space in a beautiful suburban family home. Marty felt this room did not connect to their previous rooms, which they see as a problem for House No.2

Leah and Ash spent $37,728

The biggest criticism the judges have is that this room wasn’t presented as a bedroom. To them, that means there is no bedroom downstairs in House No.2, meaning they will have to go to market with a three bedroom house. They think the room also has major functionality issues. Leah and Ash are not happy.

Kyle and Leslie spent $13,917

The judges were really impressed with Kyle and Leslie and how they managed to deliver this room mainly using Blockbucks, saving money. They praised the consistent style of Kyle and Leslie, which could be a real positive down the track. A good effort.


Darren Shaynna Marty Total
Kyle and Leslie 9 9 8 26
Leah and Ash 7 ½ 7 ½ 7 ½ 22 ½
Kristy and Brett 9 7 ½ 7 ½ 24
Steph and Gian 9 9 8 ½ 26 ½
Eliza and Liberty 7 ½ 7 ½ 7 ½ 22 ½

By half a point, Steph and Gian take away the win and they are off to the Sorrento Hotel for the night for the Ford Getaway.

Leah is devastated at the negative feedback and is spotted crying in the toilet backstage at Scotty’s HQ.

EPISODE 17 Bathroom/Powder Room Reveal

Our Blockheads have sore heads after they went to iconic Melbourne venue The Espy to celebrate after the break dancing challenge.

Our winners of the challenge - Eliza and Liberty - have won $20,000 in challenges this week and despite their hangovers, they are very happy.

Steph and Gian are fast becoming one of the most talked about contestants on The Block for their Japandi style. A mix between Japanese and Scandinavian influences. Foreman Keith hates the custom made stone vanity in the powder room this week.

Kristy and Brett and their builder Dan have a tense few hours as he chases plans for the rest of the house.

The late nights are getting to Steph and Gian as they unusually bicker as all the couples work hard to make tool’s down. In the end everyone finishes their bathrooms and powder rooms and head to Scotty’s HQ for judging.

House 1, Kyle and Leslie spent $18,352 The smallest room in Block history was very well received by the judges. Shaynna loved the vanity and Marty felt when the buyer enters this power room, they will know they are looking at a high end property. Darren loved the art choices. “A bloody good room,” Shaynna said.

House 2, Leah and Ash spent $25,389 Shaynna noted that Leah and Ash love marble and wondered how expensive their room would be. Marty feels they have listened to the advice of the judges and have delivered a stunning room. Shaynna loved the art deco vase.

House 3, Kristy and Brett spent $33,718 Shaynna thought the whole room was very glamorous and praised Kristy and Brett for all of their choices, including the amazing tiles. Marty loved what Kristy and Brett delivered, but did criticize the lack of under floor heating.

House 4, Steph and Gian spent $24,854 The judges all loved the custom made stone vanity and bench top. A stunning addition to House No.3. Their biggest criticism was the placement of the toilet, you can see it clearly from the door if you are outside in the hallway.

House 5, Eliza and Liberty spent $37,409 The moss wall was the biggest talking point with the judges. Shaynna and Marty absolutely hated it, while Darren was somewhat on the fence. Despite the moss wall, everything else was well done, the judges thought. The room was very functional.

So after a very close week, Leah and Ash use the gnome they won at an earlier challenge to just take the win from their friends Kristy and Brett.

Darren Shaynna Marty Total
Kyle and Leslie 9 9 8 26
Leah and Ash 9 9 9 27 + 1
Kristy and Brett 9 ½ 9 ½ 8 ½ 27 ½
Steph and Gian 8 ½ 8 ½ 7 ½ 25
Eliza and Liberty 8 8 7 ½ 25

Darren gave the girls 9.5 not 8

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Probably in the minority, but i really liked the girls room, complete with moss wall.

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I liked it too. But think they could have had a better layout. The moss wall, I’m undecided about. I think its something you’d need to see in person.

Dani and Dan’s room inspections provide so much more than the judges I reckon. They should definitely consider Dani for a permanent judge in the future.

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It’s no secret The Block is one of my fave shows - I enjoy it every year.

But mannnnn its harder to watch this year. The Mean Girls in Leah and Kristy is polarising. And they seem to be at a challenge every second day. Money is being thrown at them everywhere they turn.

I know its cliched every year that we say ‘just show us the building of the houses’ but its in overdrive this year.


According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, next year’s season won’t take place at Daylesford, after delays in getting planning permit approval from Hepburn Shire Council, and objections from a small number of locals.

A notice on the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning website said a proposal had been received by the Victorian Planning Minister to amend the Hepburn Planning Scheme and grant planning permits to subdivide the land and construct five dwellings at 1 Raglan Street, Daylesford and subdivide land at 9 Raglan Street, Daylesford. The consultation period opened on August 21 and closes on Monday, September 11.

Every year contestants change some part of their floor plan. But did they purposely design the houses with poorly thought out rooms this year expecting the contestants to change them?

House 1 and their small living dining.
House 3 and the location of their work from home space and living dining being separated by the kitchen
And full bathrooms on floors without bedrooms?

Tbh they were told many many times to take a wall out to fix their issue trying to fit their table. They only have themselves to blame this week.

Episode 21 - Living And Dining Room Reveal

Eliza and Liberty are in a world of pain as they try and complete their living and dining spaces, which are much bigger compared to the other contestants.

Eliza barely gets any sleep as she slept in the shower. Her and Liberty also struggle with spray painting and are ghost white, with paint all over them.

Foreman Dan creates a character, Danielo, who is a chauffeur and he drives Liberty around to do her shopping as she has had little sleep.

This really irks Kristy and she unloads. She believes Eliza and Liberty are getting special treatment and floats the conspiracy - are they a Channel 9 plant?

She tells her ally Leah about her concerns and the gossiping continues.

Kyle and Leslie somehow manage to fit their Christian Cole table into their living space, but are slowly realizing they have made a major planning error. They should have a full open living space and one wall needs to come down.

Somehow, after a huge week, our contestants manage to finish and there are some spectacular results.

Neale Whitaker is back on the judging panel, much to the delight of our contestants as Marty Fox is off for the week.

House No.1 Kyle and Leslie spent $31,560

The big problem with the room with our judges is it is far too tight. They have major planning issues and the main wall in the living room needs to go to open the room up. Neale calls the room a “beautifully styled disaster.” There were some positives, with Darren loving the curves.

House No.2 Leah and Ash spent $38,209

Darren laughed out loud, in a good way. Phenomenal comments from the judges commending Leah and Ash for their bold and unique style. It will be polarizing, but they believe their is a market for Leah’s colourful and risk taking style. Almost the perfect room. Some concern about the size of the couch and the table.

House No.3 Kristy and Brett spent $23,325

The judges loved the Stoke fireplace in the living room that Kristy and Brett delivered. Very functional, a nice floor plan and a good size. They loved the plaster feature wall.

House No.4 Steph and Gian spent $31,739

The judges reserved their judgment about the layout changes Steph and Gian made. They will wait until they see the kitchen if it all works out. Neale loved the feeling in both rooms, but like Shaynna and Darren, he thought Steph over-styled. No need for the dead bamboo and countless pots and sculptures.

House No.5 Eliza and Liberty spent $37,706

All three judges were really impressed with the layout and what Eliza and Liberty managed to pull off. So much space. This will be an advantage for Eliza and Liberty when it comes to auction day. Neale did notice, no lamp though.

After a big week Leah and Ash take out the win, a huge week for them on The Block. Eliza and Liberty surprise themselves and come second.


Darren Shaynna Neale Total
Kyle and Leslie 6 ½ 6 ½ 7 20
Leah and Ash 9 ½ 9 ½ 10 29
Kristy and Brett 8 ½ 8 ½ 8 ½ 25 ½
Steph and Gian 8 ½ 8 9 25 ½
Eliza and Liberty 9 9 9 27

Has anyone seen any redeeming features in Ash at all? Leah has on occasion been nice but its prob for the cameras.

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I don’t know if anyone is watching this series, but the first 20 mins of tonight’s show must have breached some sort of guideline.

The bullying and gaslighting, being played out in front of the camera in full view of everyone watching is disgusting.

Kristy and Brett are terrible terrible people.

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Wonder what watermark was being covered- given the time, a repeat on Foxtel?


Nine are now advertising another scandal for tonight’s show. “The Bribe”.

From last year’s photo whiteboard scandal, which was milked for the entire season, we now have a potential scandal that can last throughout the remainder of the season? Am hoping though it is a “nothing event” and is resolved in tonights episode.

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I saw some of Nine this afternoon and thought they were running an episode of Driving Test but it turned out to be some contest on The Block - how much renovation goes on in this show?

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contest Ford commercial


Second screenshot looks like its the Fox Footy logo - the bug in the lower right corner is only shown on live games when there are multiple games on, so it might be on catchup.


Looks like this is still going on. These people in house 2 and 3 are horrid. The bullying and targeting of other teams is horrendous.