The Big Breakfast (2000)

Here’s a clip from The Big Breakfast - Seven’s morning show aimed at a youth audience, which lasted for about a year between August 1999 and July 2000. Gawd, I remember watching this getting ready for kindy.


It later became The Big Arvo in 2001 and was eventually axed on May 6, 2005. James Tobin was one of the final few hosts.


Sadly, The Big Breakfast was never a hope against Cheez TV which had Pokémon and Dragonball Z. What might have been if this was successful, we wouldn’t have got that awful Sunrise program.

Good that 2000 is in the title because there’s another short-lived Big Breakfast, which aired on Ten in 1993.

Agro’s Cartoon Connection was another show that took a hit during Cheez TV’s early years.

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I remember The Big Breakfast having news updates on the half hour too. My memory is a bit hazy but I think Anna Coren may have done them for a while.

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I definitely remember this show. I even remember entering a competition on the show to win a Sega Dreamcast. I put so much effort into it but didn’t win haha. I also remember it used to air the S Club 7 TV show which was the main reason I watched it. I can’t remember many other shows that they aired though so I probably only watched it or got into it towards the end (or when Cheez TV weren’t playing Pokemon!).

The Big Arvo was on when I was in high school and I’d usually flick it on after school (and catch the end of Passions prior haha)… I remember both Luke Jacobz and James Tobin being on it.


And Anna Chen who went on to Beyond Tomorrow.

The original newsreader was Liam Renton and was presented from the Brisbane newsroom. Last I heard Liam was on community station 96Five.

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