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Apparently there is about to be a stink over “Soft Kitty.”

The daughters of a New Hampshire poet say “The Big Bang Theory” stole their mother’s verses about a “soft kitty” for a lullaby that has become a staple of the television show.

A lawsuit against Warner Brothers, CBS and other media companies said that the poem was written by Edith Newlin, a teacher, in the 1930s and that it was published in 1937 in a book called “Songs for the Nursery School.”

One of the daughters discovered the show’s use of the lyrics in 2014 while researching her mother’s life for an article she was writing.

New season starts Thursday October 13 according to a new promo tonight.

Wow! Moving the show to a lower rating night. Preparing for the possibility of it being its last season? Or trying to build on the success of 9Go’s comedy night?

Nine’s schedule is basically full on other nights, plus IMO the network finally realises Thursday should not be a ratings wasteland.

I’ve done a bit of spreadsheeting keeping a track of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory that have aired across FTA/Foxtel over the last month and into the future to the end of Dec to see how often each episode is aired across the channels.

I’ve found:
Season 1
Not shown on FTA, but scheduled for a full run on Foxtel commencing Dec 25.

Season 2
One screening of season on 7 during November.
Another of season on 7Flix during December.
Episodes 5 & 6 shown 3 times across 7/7Flix.

Season 3
Entire season shown once on 7 across December.

Season 4
Full season shown on 7mate across November/December.
Full run on Foxtel during November.

Season 5
Full season shown on 7flix during November.
Full season shown on Foxtel during November.
Another run of season commencing on 7mate on Dec 16.

Season 6
Full season shown on 7flix during November.
Full season shown on Foxtel during November/December.

Season 7
Full season shown on 7flix during November/December with some episodes repeated.
Full season shown on Foxtel during December.

Season 8
Full season shown on 7flix during December with 8 episodes shown twice.
Full season shown on Foxtel (in incorrect order) over November/December.

Season 9
3 episodes aired on Nine during November.

Season 10
7 episodes shown as mixture of first run/repeats on 9/9Go during November.

Close screenings of same eps on different channels:
Foxtel - Tue 15 Nov
7mate - Thu 24 Nov

7flix - Mon 14 Nov
Fotel - Fri 25 Nov

7flix - Tue 6 Dec (x2)
Foxtel - Thu 15 Dec

Foxtel - Sun 11 Dec
7Flix - Wed 14 Dec

Foxtel - Sun 18 Dec
7Flix - Tue 20 Dec (x2)

Episodes shown most frequently:
S02E05 - 3x
S02E06 - 3x
S08E01 - 3x
S08E02 - 3x
S08E08 - 3x
S08E09 - 3x
S08E15 - 3x
S08E16 - 3x
S08E22 - 3x
S08E23 - 3x

Ridiculous how much they’re flogging this show to death!


Be interesting to see which TV network here in Australia will pick up the TBBT spin-off. Nine? Seven? Maybe even Ten?

Also, new eps of TBBT’s Season 10 is yet to return to Nine, although I think it will return on the week commencing 5th February, with date & time yet to be determined. The last new ep aired in Australia was S10E07, which aired here on Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

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CBS head Les Moonves talked about the spinoff:

[quote]“Big Bang” spinoff he called “Little Sheldon.” The Warner Bros. TV comedy revolves around the childhood of the “Big Bang Theory” character Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons.

“Picture him as a 10-year-old boy growing up in Texas in a very right-wing family that is not used to having a 10-year-old genius living in their midst,”[/quote]

CBS will slot it in the schedule after TBBT, which is itself about to be renewed for two more seasons.

Young Sheldon is skipping pilot stage and going straight to series. Iain Armitage (Big Little Lies) will play 9-year-old Sheldon with Zoe Perry as Sheldon’s mother (Perry’s real-life mom, Laurie Metcalf, plays Sheldon’s mother on TBBT). Jim Parsons will serve as the narrator on the show and is also an executive producer.

CBS has renewed TBBT for two more seasons. TV by the Numbers says the renewal comes after reports that stars Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco took small pay cuts — from US$1 million per episode to US$900,000 — so that co-stars Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg could have the same salary under the new deal. Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, who became regulars after the original five cast members, have yet to sign new deals but are expected to return as well.

This is news? I thought this was all reported a few weeks ago.

The network only confirmed the renewal after the stars came to a new pay deal.

I think it’s getting ridiculous with the way these renewals and every little bit of “news” gets reported these days.

We had the renewal for two more seasons reported.
Then we had the pay cuts by the stars reported to ensure two more seasons.
Now we’re getting the network confirming that the deal has happened.

Is this just the media desperate for something to report every day, when there’s actually nothing new happening?

Saw a promo tonight during The Voice tonight that the remaining episodes of this season would air on Mondays from June 5, after Here Come the Habibs.

God I’m glad I’m not someone who’s stuck waiting for FTA to watch this show… it’s ridiculous how fragmented this season has been on Nine.

They’ve gone from being a few weeks behind, to now being 4 months behind!

I looked up the show on the iTunes store before and it’s flooded with negative reviews of people complaining about the wait time.

Ep Aus. Airdate US Airdate
1 13.10.2016 19.09.2016
2 20.10.2016 26.09.2016
3 27.10.2016 03.10.2016
4 10.11.2016 10.10.2016
5 15.11.2016 17.10.2016
6 17.11.2016 27.10.2016
7 22.11.2016 03.11.2016
8 03.01.2017 10.11.2016
9 10.01.2017 17.11.2016
10 17.01.2017 01.12.2016
11 16.02.2017 15.12.2016
12 23.02.2017 05.01.2017
13 18.04.2017 19.01.2017
14 18.04.2017 02.02.2017
15 05.06.2017 09.02.2017
16 05.06.2017 16.02.2017

That’s supposed to be 2017, not 2016 under the US airdate column.

I was copy/pasting from further up and completely forgot to change the years!

TBBT fans will have to wait one more week for new episodes. Next Monday (June 5) Nine will show the BBC telecast of One Love Manchester concert from Old Trafford cricket ground, raising money for victims of Manchester bomb attack.

As a result of Nine’s mistreatment of the show this year, the ratings for new episodes have plummeted to around 500k & below, and has ranked 4th in its 8:45pm Monday timeslot behind HYBPA, Four Corners & Wanted.

With the ratings the way they are, it would not be a bad idea for Nine to shift new eps to 9Go! for the remainder of this season (which ended in May with quite a spectacular cliffhanger), as well as for its 11th (which starts in September in the US) & 12th season. If it’s to remain on the main channel, then it would most likely air at around 10:30pm or later, therefore guaranteeing low ratings, therefore tarnishing the popularity of what was once one of the most popular programs on Australian TV for most of the 2010s.

2 Likes have an article on their front page which gives away the finale episode of the season as though it aired here already,

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