The (autism) Spectrum

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Given the recent posts on the radio forum regarding the challenges associated with ASD, I thought it timely to start this topic.

Some folk here are on the high functioning end like myself. Please share your experiences in this topic.

A good article was posted to The Conversation yesterday on the subject:

‘Aspergers’ is now mostly known as high functioning autism.


Well the way im feeling lately, it wont be lont till i succombe to the black dog of depression. This may even be my last post

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I have messaged you directly but a reminder for anyone needing help, if you are looking for someone to talk to, 24/7 support is available from services like Lifeline, 131114 or online at Lifeline Crisis Online Chat Service | Lifeline Australia


Unfortunately mental health concerns often go hand in hand (are ‘comorbid’) with ASD. I think this is simply because the world is geared towards ‘neurotypicals’ (I dislike that word also, as it implies that individuals with ASD are atypical and need to be ‘fixed’). It’s a difference rather than a disability.

I echo the above post and hope that you can find the support that you need. Please don’t give up what you enjoy, including radio.


Hoping all are well,
I only got a diagnosis for Autism (High Functioning) in my early/mid 20s.

I think however, that even though with the late diagnosis, it wasn’t all bad as I felt as I was able to push through in my earlier life and achieve things without the pressure of me thinking, ‘Oh I can’t do this because of my Autism’.

I like to think it as a X-Men power anyways as I have a gift of remembering all frequencies and stations on said frequencies after seeing or hearing of it once.

As most things, these mind quirks come in threes, so add Dyslexia and ADHD (to be formally diagnosed this month) into the mix, makes life definitely is fun.

Yes I also like trains and frogs.


Thats a great way of looking at it. I see my whole career in radio as a result of my total and utter fixation when I was younger. Yes, some dont accept you, but the ones that do are the ones that share the passion.

Hell ive been running my own internet station all through high school and then when I got into the commercial space, I bothered the management so hard I got my own DAB station but it has to fly under the radar as being “just the tech”. Think they might have just done it to shut me up haha. But i digress. I have had a rough time of late but I think things are looking up now.


Is the station still live online? Keen to have a listen.

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its still on dab, but I dont want to say in public because of social media policy and i think management might get pissed if i say it. feel free to PM, and by the way Starter FM is kick ass


My partner has just been diagnosed with Autism in his late 20’s after not being to hold down a job.
We’ve now been able to get some help under NDIS which has improved things somewhat. It is nice the resources he has access to but some of the services thru Centrelink are really lacking. I feel we’ve gone backwards a little bit rather than forwards but I’m trying to be a good partner and stay positive.
Single income is hurting finances a little, but it’s not forever right?

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It is forever, we just have to learn to cope (those of us who have it).

Thats a common misconception that it goes away with age, if anything mine has got worse as I get older. Or it could be I’m becoming more aware.

Ever since covid my depression has taken over and I have become quite reclusive. Depression is worse when on the spectrum.

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