The Art of…


The Art of… is a refreshing new arts and culture show, hosted by Namila Benson and her team of high profile creative friends. Each episode, we go on artistic missions of epic proportions and try to figure out who we are and how we got here.

Every episode Namila and our guest hosts will zero in on an idea they care deeply about. It might be The Art of… Sex, The Art of… Resistance and even, The Art of… Hair!

Namila and her fellow guest presenters go on adventures exploring historical and contemporary music and art, speaking to up-and-coming artists and mega stars from Australia and around the globe who can help unpack, illuminate and re-imagine these ideas.

As well as meeting outstanding musicians, visual artists and creatives, the audience also follows the journey of our hosts as they grapple with the theme of the episode, what it means to them and the impact it has on their day-to-day life. Each episode of The Art of… is personal, honest and real.

The show will also feature art historian slash TikTok juggernaut Mary McGillivray’s exploration of each episode’s theme through art history.

The Art of…is an exciting new series that will enlighten, confront, thrill and inspire.


An ABC Production. Series Producer Emma Watts. Executive Producer Zoe Norton Lodge. ABC Head Arts, Music and Events Kath Earle.