Ten (West Digital Television)

Oooo, we have movement!

One and Eleven are showing a Getaway special. Ten West is also showing a special but a different segment. No watermark on any channel.

EDIT: Just as I posted that, all 3 channels abruptly cut back to the loop (without ticker). Sigh.

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Would it be because the west has 4 different markets to cover versus the solo markets of Griffith, Mildura, Tasmania and Mt Gambier?

LOL you’d think we’re living in Korea with the way TV is being manipulated at the moment.

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Don’t recall that one. Did Donnie Sutherland star in it?

I’d say the sticking point would be how badly Nine performs in the West. I don’t blame WIN for not wanting to hand over a big chunk of the revenue pie considering Nine has always struggled to appeal to viewers in the west.

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WIN was ahead of Ten West over the last two available ratings months that I read. Of course are way behind GWN7.

All 3 channels now showing black.

Hopefully a good sign.

Channel names have changed to very generic ones now. Still black on all channels. Not a good sign at all…

TV Tonight article with a link back to Media Spy:


After 45 minutes of black, the loops have returned.

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The banjo is back.

How long can this channel stay off air ?

You cant imagine very long - particularly given ACMA have become interested in the issue

the comment from ACMA about Bruce owning content that could be shown is an interesting one - I doubt its that simple…

I think that was added by Mumbrella. The ‘Sutherlands’ mistake is an error I doubt ACMA would make.

I am seeing complaints on Facebook on 9HD’s page about people in regional Wa who are annoyed they cannot watch their shows.

One person said they have limited downloads so cannot just stream it .

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-01/channel-9-goes-off-air-in-regional-wa/7561024

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Lazy reporting not to fact check this. Literally the one example of Nine programming not at risk of not being seen.

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Cricket will air on SBS2 or SBS Food in the unlikely event that a deal hasn’t been reached by summer. I wonder how the NRL feels about being blacked out in the region…

How many NRL fans in regional WA?

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