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Hard choice.
Not Stephen. I prefer him just on sports.

Candice is good too but I prefer Nick.
Nick for local weekend edition? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re not the only one who thinks Nick Etchells would probably make a great newsreader for a weekend edition of 10 News First Melbourne! :slight_smile:


Well if someday down the track Channel 10 reinstates Local Weekend News he would be a good candidate for the Melbourne bulletin.


Gee it only seemed like yesterday when people said Nick wasn’t a good anchor and a clone of Mark Ferguson :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With Chris Bath coming on board ten won’t be doing local weekends anytime soon.


Only a eastern and western edition by the sounds of it.


Back on the topic of local weekend editions, this would be my weekend lineup around the country:

Sydney: Chris Bath
Melbourne: Nick Etchells
Brisbane: Joe Hill
Adelaide: Alan Murrell
Perth: Natalie Forest (or Chris Bath with a localised Perth edition)


I would prefer Amber Austin-Wright but other than that I agree.


local weekends wont happen. not for a LONG time.

give me east and west coast editions of the news first.


Although I agree that 10 probably won’t reinstate local weekend news in the foreseeable future, again I ask the question: Why is it OK for Perth to have a local edition of the weekend news but not the other metro markets?

If I were in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, I wouldn’t want to watch Sydney-based news while the other three networks are committed to their local news services across the week.


It’s due to having a 2-3 hour time difference between the East Coast & WA, hence the need to have a more up-to-date news bulletin there.

A story on Media Watch last year is a perfect reminder:


Yeah, I get the 2/3 hour time difference factor but same can be said to a lesser extent about Queensland (one hour behind the South Eastern states during Daylight Saving) and South Australia (30 minutes behind AEST/AEDST) as well. Surely there are people in those states who’d also prefer to watch live news?


They can. On ABC, Seven and Nine. Not to mention ABC News channel.


In 2-3 hours more happens than 1 hour or 30 minutes where basically nothing changes and if it does it takes that amount of time for the story to make its way to the Newsroom.

With Chris Bath at the helm I don’t see this ever happening. But we all need to remember that this “National” weekend bulletin isn’t new, its been going on for quite some time since 1994 or 95? . I still remember Bill Woods presenting them from the small ‘L’ looking shaped national set.


Perth had a seperate live weekend bulletin from the east when it was half hour news and Sports Tonight.


Sunday -

Scott Tweedie is presenting weather from South Bank in Brisbane tonight.


Had a tough start to life in metro with nowhere bleaker to work in than the four person 4BC newsroom with Scott ‘I thought retired in the 80’s’ McKinlay as news director.

Not running local metro bulletins on the weekend is ridiculous wherever you are.

No @Nicholas. Brisbane doesn’t need a person who can’t deliver a clear news script.

And 10 has disgraced themselves since then.


I think they should have Local Weekend News in the Metro Markets where there is a large gap in time difference (e.g. Brisbane and Perth). Brisbane can be done locally and Perth can just be done from Sydney. Then Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide can be one networked bulletin. That could work but let’s not hold our breath for that.


Of course it’s not new. Local weekend news was axed in 1994, but made a brief return in 2011 for 6 months at 6pm. Also, Melbourne and Adelaide had local editions on Saturdays during the AFL season, from 2006-2010.

Neither less, weekend editions may return one day. It’s a financial business decision. Next year the national weekend bulletin will be a better product, with Chris Bath presenting, extra resources added around the country, and an updated WA edition. The network is moving in the right direction.




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