Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Monday -

Emma Lawrence is presenting sport and Scott Tweedie is presenting weather tonight.


Excuse me?


I know! I was like, “who?”.



You’ve been pranked by the Prank Patrol! :rofl:


Christmas Day-

Emma Lawrence presenting sport and Scott Tweedie is presenting weather on location in Melbourne tonight.



Hey team, do we have a date for Chris Bath’s first edition yet? Ta!


According to her Instagram, she has gone overseas for a holiday. I’d expect it will be within a month or so.


Another bird nerding adventure so it seems!! Looking forward to her posts that’s for sure always entertaining! And her #Birdsrus hashtag.


Thursday & Friday -

Candice Wyatt is presenting in Melbourne with Caty Price presenting sport and Mike Larkan presenting weather.


Lachlan Kennedy is presenting in Sydney.


Thursday & Friday -

Alan Murrell is presenting in Adelaide.


Thursday (27.12.2018)- Friday (28.12.2018): Joe Hill is presenting in Brisbane. It made me realise how much I miss Lachlan Kennedy up here in QLD.

Pippa Sheehan is presenting the weather and Veronica Eggleton is on sport.


With Emma Lawrence presenting sport and Scott Tweedie presenting weather.


What’s next Grant Denyer presenting weather? First we had from The Loop was Liv Phyland, then Tweedie from the same show presenting the weather.


Well at least Grant is a journalist.


Honestly that wouldn’t make one ounce of difference, I know who I’d prefer to see presenting and it doesn’t start with G end in a T.

Better than the alternative which is Lachlan or whoever is presenting reading the weather from the desk, that and there are plenty of weather presenters on tv who aren’t journalists or meterologists.


Former Ten News reporter Josh Murphy has died from a tumour, according to Twitter.


Where is the TVQ bulletin coming from today?

Is Joe Hill based in Brisbane?

I’ve not heard him before, makes STW’s Thommo sound good is my first impression, muffled kind of delivery, swallows his words.