Ten News First Presenters and Reporters



Backup team in Brisbane tonight with Georgina and Jono at the 10 Upfronts, Joe Hill presenting news and Veronica Eggleton presenting sport.

Amber Austin-Wright reporting live from Darwin tonight also.



Emma Lawrence is presenting sport this weekend.


(19/11/2018) Kate Freebairn is presenting in Adelaide tonight.


Hugh Riminton is presenting in Sydney.


Hamish Macdonald filed a report for 10 News First from Mexico tonight.


Joe Hill is presenting in Brisbane tonight.


Wonder why they haven’t used Amber Austin-Wright for fill-in lately.

Not saying Joe’s bad (he’s pretty good IMO), but I thought Amber was the main fill-in.


She has not been used since Joe first filled in (when Amber was overseas IIRC). Thus, I think he has been appointed as the go-to in Georgie’s absence.

In saying that, I think Amber should be given more opportunities to anchor, over Joe. I find he is very bogan (Nine News Queensland would LOVE him) and it was hard to commit to him for Georgie’s 2 week holidays. Simply, Amber is a superior anchor and I question why they don’t see that.




Don’t you mean 10 News First? :wink:


Oh silly me thanks Mr.B :smirk:


Amber is outstanding.


I believe Joe has been bumped up. He fits that new 10 attitude…

that’s not to say Amber is anything less than excellent.


Can somebody define this new “10 attitude”? Is it arrogance and self-absorption?


here comes NewsWeary with his zimmer frame


Georgie is absent helping co-hosting the Walkleys in Brisbane tonight.


On Sky? Why would you bother?


Industry event, not exactly done for the publicity.


It’s the most prestigious media industry event of the year. It would be an honour and recognition to be asked to host the awards. It isn’t primarily a broadcast event - Sky is providing a live stream and it also on Sky News Extra.