Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Moving globe in the background makes me feel crook. A still would be better.


How did you cope with the weekend Eyewitness News bulletins then?



If it makes you sick…id seriously get a health check. My tip…look at the presenter :wink::+1:


They’re literally cooking with Gas now.


I’m guessing they’ve now banned Thai takeaway Tuesday in the TVQ newsroom?


You’re not the only one. It has been mentioned a few times on social media.
It is moving too quickly. Then there’s the fact the Pacific Ocean is huge and looks like a massive white blob with flies plastered over it.


Retired newsreader Mal Walden’s third book is coming out soon.

Love the title :joy:


For a moment I thought it was Judge Judy’s autobiography lol.


10 News First mic in Belguim


all his phenomenon bloopers should be in there


Wednesday -
Stephen Quartermain was back presenting sport.



Lee Steele is presenting in Perth.




Lee Steele is presenting again with Lachlan Reid presenting sport.


Natarsha Belling is back presenting Ten News First with Lachlan Kennedy presenting sport this weekend .


Great to see Tarsh and Lachlan on the desk together.

Another great package from Eammon tonight in France which included a live cross.


Lachlan looks like he’s about to fall out of the shot!! The OTS is way too wide, they need to cut about a third off.


Agree to disagree. I think it’s about time we’re less afraid of framing up OTS shots with talent remaining as close to center as possible. Fill the screen up.


Narelda Jacobs is back presenting in Perth.


Wednesday -
Lachlan Kennedy is reporting from Bali tonight.