Ten News First Content and Appearance


I read somewhere that Roz starts as weekend sports presenter in February.


Completely agree. A lick of paint over the timber panels has done wonders and the new package and mood lighting has really lifted all of the sets.


Looks like such a dumb story


Will be interesting if set layouts are tweaked then by Tarsh’s introduction… if so will be interesting if a Morning News is launched…


Personally, I’d be disappointed if Ten decided to relaunch the Morning News before they add additional resources to their existing 5pm bulletins. Surely I can’t be the only one?


Watching #GMB here in London, someone really needs to reboot #GMA and replicate shot for shot. Ten are sitting on it and have a gold brand ready to go.


I don’t know why you would want something that Britian has down there, that works for them, to work down here which necessarily won’t work on TEN.

Ten have failed breakfast/morning shows. Clearly it’s not a real big deal for them to not have another breakfast show. Breakfast and Wake Up were bombs, poorly managed and mishandled and didn’t resignate with the audience. Both were big losses for the network, i don’t see them anytime investing in Breakfast TV.
They have Studio 10 for now (even that is just barely passable as breakfast television by it’s standards). If they did a straight morning news service at 7am , to get me to switch over then yeah I say they should do that.


GMB is nice but I find it terribly generic and a bit lifeless. Adding Piers Morgan only really accentuated that, he makes the rest of the show look and feel even flatter rather than perking it up. It’s sort of weird mix of Sunrise and Today and that’s not a place where 10 wants to end up.

If 10 enters the breakfast space then they need to find a way to cut through. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be something compellingly different (News Breakfast is a perfect example of that - cheap but growing its audience).


I’d suggest if Ten ever went back into AM news (and I’d rather them focused on late primetime news), then they should be more like a fast paced news bulletin hosted by a personable female anchor, sorta like Robin Meade but younger.


Local morning news would be a much better investment and wouldn’t be as costly as a national show.

Okay, it wouldn’t be as costly as Sunrise or Today.


Yes it would. :man_facepalming:


Such an oxymoronic statement.


Everything else suggested is just dumb. As I have said countless times - and same as TV Head - they something sassy and fun like her or, as I have suggested for years, Fox and Friends First.


Reflexive, but alright. I’ll rephrase.

I honestly think hiring 150 people will provide more value to 10 and will cost on par or less than either of the two other programs have to pay to multi-million dollar contracts and tenured senior staff. I see plenty of synergistic write-offs.


I’ve learnt from the master @lexington
Not in a million years would it cost less than a national show.
You’d need local anchors, production staff, managers etc…
In SIX states.



Instead of 3 presenters, you’d have 15.
Instead of 4 vision editors, you’d have 10.
Instead of 1 production desk, you’d have 5.


Without getting into the whole debate about whether 10 should or shouldn’t do breakfast, it’s worth noting that the local option isn’t as prohibitive as you’d think.

Global in Canada do local news in individual markets across the country, many much smaller than any Australian capital city.

This is achieved using centralised control rooms, providing national and international content from a single production desk and adding local news and other content at a smaller local production desk.

I’m not saying there aren’t other complicating and/or prohibitive factors or whether it’s the right strategy… but it’s not as black and white as it might seem.


There is one reason & one reason only why 7, 9 & abc do a national breakfast show. It’s much cheaper than 5/6 local versions. Same reason why all Australian states get the 10 Sydney news bulletin inflicted upon them on weekends.


Is there any discernible difference in the content and structure of the Ten bulletin compared with Seven and Nine (apart from the circus clown presenting weather in Sydney)?

Ten News First Presenters and Reporters

To my eye it’s clearly targeting a less bogan more sophisticated market.