Ten Eyewitness News Presenters and Reporters



Rebecca Munro. She was a Perth journalist, maybe now in Sydney?


you mean Rebecca Munro


no, she’s in Bali covering the leavers for Ten. Bec is still Perth based.


Veronica presenting sport in Brisbane tonight and I gotta say, since she started filling in for Jonathan Williams after Matt Suleau left for Fox Sport News she has really grown into the role - good to see them nurturing the staff into up & coming fill in presenters.


Current Brisbane based reporter Jonathan Lea is making the move to Canberra to cover federal politics.


Hm didn’t picture him as being one for that role


Melinda Nucifora presenting weather this weekend.


Didn’t see it coming myself, but he’s covered local Queensland politics with ease in the past. He has quite an authoritative presenting style so think he will do well covering this for the network which they really need in Canberra at the moment with so many staff moving on or to the Sydney newsroom (Ursula & Catalina) in the last year or so.


No but she has moved back to Australia so will probably pop up somewhere over summer.


Sports Journalist / Presenter Veronica Eggleton presenting news updates in Brisbane today


Stephen Quartermain presenting solo in Melbourne again tonight,Candice returns on Monday.


Hugh solo in Sydney as well


Sandra probably in Brisbane for the Walkleys?




Yes at the Walkleys tonight


Lachlan posted several videos several images of one of the supercell storms that hit Brisbane today.


What is a CNN Fellow? It’s on Mr Kennedy’s profile.


I saw one of the newish eyewitness news ‘see why we’re different’ promos for the Brisbane Sports Presenter, Jonathan Williams tonight in prime time.

Are the other states still seeing these promos on rotation?


A program where journos from around the world are selected to spend 3 weeks observing the inner workings of CNN. They also attend coaching seminars etc.


I was surprised to read that Candice Wyatt has been co-hosting Ten Eyewitness News Melborne for 2 years now, that’s gone very quick.