Ten AFL coverage (2010)

I’ll add the rest when I get time

Caps of Ten’s on-air AFL graphics & network promos and commercials, from 2010.

Taken from R22 Saturday afternoon game in 2010 Collingwood vs. Hawthorn.

If you look at one of the caps, it has only a few minutes left (Ch 10’s famous ‘count up’ clock in final 5min of final quarter) and only a few points in it, it was actually a thriller :disappointed_relieved:

Quality is ordinary, so apologies, also taken from a PC upload.

But I hope some find these of interest/reminiscent/preservation of TV history :+1:

There’s at least one ad (which I capped) that is still being used on TV TODAY - the “M&Ms get in the bowl” ad, wow!

What software/equipment are you using there, Movieman?


It’s been about 7 years, but I’m pretty sure I recorded it on my (relatively new at the time) DVR > copied it to a DVD-R (disc) > uploaded it onto a PC.

I have around 20-30 Ch 10 AFL games on a PC, some with ad breaks too, as well as pre-game/post-game, etc.

I also have a drawer full of VHS of Ten News bulletins from 2009-2010.

I will hopefully convert them & upload to YouTube one day.

I’m all for preserving TV history :+1:


Can you upload the intro? They seem to have all disappeared off youtube.

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Yeah I’ll try.

I definitely have plenty of games that had the intro.

There are a few videos on YouTube that have the full intro, some even with post-game and the ender.

Try “AshFooty” and “Auslinux” YouTube accounts :+1:

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