Sydney 2000 Coverage

There was a moth on Yvonne Kenny during the Sydney Olympics



Still my favourite ending to any Olympics


For those who are having withdrawal from the Olympics finishing, the IOC uploaded the opening and closing ceremonies in full to their Youtube channel last year for those who missed it.

I have to say each time that I rewatch these I get teary. Especially the start and build-up of the closing ceremony. You can see the energy and feel, it was electric and the pride we had.

I personally don’t think we will ever see any Olympic games opening or closing ceremony with this vibe, production value, history/culture and entertainment again. I hope for Brisbane 2032, but I’m not overly hopeful at all.

Would love to hear others thoughts on it.

The sheer spectacle of these two ceremonies - the production value, the crowd, athlete attendance, performers - it really was a once in a lifetime period. I feel a lot of this today has been lost due to the lack of funding at a national and state level to nurture and grow the entertainment and arts sector. We were booming in the 2000’s

Oh and for those who are Vanessa Amorosi fans, she actually released the exact version performed at the Closing ceremony of Absolutely everybody which you can find on most streaming services :wink:




In my opinion, Sydney and London’s ceremonies were the best I’ve seen. Last year during lockdown I sat down and watched all the ceremonies on the Olympic Channel!


Yeah, as @VictorianSun mentioned the London one was great.


And this has me excited for Birmingham 2022!

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Anything will be better than GC 2018!

Re, Sydney 2000: Let’s be realistic here - it’s quite possible that there’ll never be a better time in the history of our city (even our nation) than those Olympics.

Yeah I’m personally expecting a cheesy spectacle of bananas, pineapples and Queensland rugby league players at the 2032 ceremonies! :confused:

Wasn’t that version of Absolutely Everybody just the extended version which is on her “The Power” album (which yes, is available on pretty much every music streaming service)?

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Yep, it was rereleased in 2015 as part of the anniversary edition.

Of course, and you can look at it in that time in context. However I feel this big spectacle type of display is still possible, as others have mentioned for London 2012. I think now in Australia as I mentioned earlier, we haven’t invested in our future talent and the arts which was a massive asset for these games. You look at the performers in it, and we don’t have any to the level or calibre these days.

I just hope whoever they got to do the GC ceremonies they don’t get them back! I worry it’ll be another Rock Eisteddfod. They have 10 years to get it right!

I’m fine for Bananas to be involved. Bananas in pyjamas was in Sydney 2000 and that was fun!

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The problem was with GC2018 we hired an American company to do the ceremonies over the people who did Sydney. The Americans obviously didn’t get it or understand traditions and what the ceremonies especially in Australia should be all about



The people who did Sydney were David Atkins Enterprises and Ignautis Jones whom also did the Vancouver ceremonies.

Ric Birch was the director and Producer though. He has done various Olympic closing and opening ceremonies.

Atkins was the head Artistic Director.

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Would like to see what was the set like for 7 and the presentation for the Sydney Games.

You can see it here:

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I have read that in Sydney 2000 they actually broadcast the whole events in digital TV. I’ve not even been able to see any screencaps of this but I read it was in anticipation of digital TV launch in 2001.

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I vaguely recall Sydney 2000 being broadcast at least in part on digital TV as a test transmission, but good luck finding anyone who actually saw it. Tuners were as rare as hen’s teeth as the technical standards were still being ironed out right up to almost the last minute. Even the networks struggled to get their hands on tuners for testing purposes.


7 could’ve used Sydney as a test for digital TV in Australia before its official launch

Perhaps if the coverage was produced in HD, or at least SD widescreen.

But the feeds coming out of SOBO were entirely 4.3, so any improvement in quality on digital TV compared to analogue would’ve been marginal at best.