Sweet and Sour

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It’s been a few years since I shared it, so I thought I might post some Information about the show I produce. Its called Sweet and Sour . The show is produced at Perth’s North Metro Tafe and is crewed entirely by students and volunteers.

The show is modelled on the panel show Beauty and the beast, where viewers write in their problems and our guests offer advice to them. (Essentially, It;s Hughesy we have a problem - but we were first!)

In 2020, the show will be entering its 22nd year of production, averaging 40 episodes a year. It airs on WTV Perth, C44 Adelaide, C31 Melbourne and online.

The last few seasons of our show are available on our website. If you want to check it out and offer feedback, that would be great. I know it’s not the world’s greatest show, but with zero budget and all students/volunteers, we plod through. But I’d welcome anyone’s thoughts.


Hey Travis

That’s pretty coold due. That’s pretty cool gig to grab. See this is why exactly Community TV is so important -it gives students/volunteers to have experience in media nad producing.

Are you doing a media course at tafe?

I think I have watched a few episodes every now and then . :slight_smile:


Exactly! But try telling that to the government :frowning:

I completed a cert 3,4,Diploma & Advanced Diploma at North Metro, graduating in 2013.


Thanks for sharing Travis. I had a look at the site and a bit of the first episode (will watch a bit more when I have time) but what I saw looks great. Nice studio and it doesn’t look budget at all so well done.

Almost thought it was about the classic ABC show of the same time…

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so much talent has passed through the Sweet and Sour set over the years. Many directors and cammos got started making this show as additional work on their courses.


Had a look at one of their most recent episodes haven’t checked it out since the dark and dingy lighting of the 2017 episodes.

In addition to the wall panels (added during the 2018 season, repainted for 2019) surrounding the set pieces dontated from Channel 10 Perth, the lighting on the set is MASSIVELY improved. You can actually see the set and the host’s faces and they’ve incorprated some nice wide shots of the set for the cold open and entering/returning from ad breaks.

The lighting alone has added a slightly more professional look to the show too. And the on-screen graphics are also very good quality. Only suggestion would be a new opener, the old one looks very budget. But the rest of the show is brilliant, up in the top for community productions.

Thanks @Nick. Funny story about those panels, the coloured parts came with the set to the tafe, but nobody told me they existed. Its a massive improvement in our eyes. I’m happy with the set now.

The lighting is a constant battle. Not only do the lights get reset every week in the tafe classes, But as we are a training show, Just when lighting is getting good, the person responsible leaves :frowning:

The graphics were designed by @AddictedToTVPres, but implemented & tweaked by me. I think they look great too. Agree about the opener, i want to replace it and have for ages, but need better skills/ideas to do this :frowning:


glad i could help with the graphics, man! if you need me to help with the show for anything else, lemme know!


Any good at animation? lol

Thanks though!

I know they cost, but give videohive.net a go…

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We’re experimenting with creating a new animation for the show. Thoughts?

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Quite sad that following the closure of WTV Perth and now that COVID Has shut down production, its highly likely that out FTA Broadcasters will be gone when we can actually start filming properly :frowning:

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Yeah the new comms minister is a disaster for the industry. I have something in early early pre production awaiting funding outcomes and I don’t know where I’ll broadcast it.

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If anyone is interested, We just uploaded our first episode via zoom, since we cant get into the studio


Someone involved in Sweet and Sour is on Millionaire Hotseat tonight. Didn’t catch his name.

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