Survivor (US)

Well devastated that Natalie left last night. She was great right until the very end with some classic comments. I loved when she was voting for Lyrsa and goes “Oh and I love your purple hair”. :joy:

I can’t believe they were actually evacuated for 2 days. That is pretty crazy. I wonder where they took them .To a hotel?

This season has to be hands down the best cast/editing in years. The hasn’t been a dull moment.

most likely, pretty sure they also did that for MGX when the cyclone came through.

If you’ve ever been in a cyclone you’d believe it :slight_smile: Probably to a hotel or Fiji likely has some designated cyclone shelters like North Queensland.
Yeah sorry to see Natalie go but the refusal to hand over her jacket reveals a lot about her true character. Zero emotional intelligence there.

So happy Natalie went, a very unpleasant person. Surely you can play the game without being such a nasty individual. She was a bully and bullying should not be tolerated.

Agree. Love how the southern lawyer bloke called her out on the bullying - it was like nobody had stood up to her before. And he did it with a lot of class.

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As predicted, 10 All Access will include Survivor in its portfolio. Unable to tell if this will just be past seasons, but that would still be a good attraction for fans.

In addition, 10 All Access’ library will include current shows, past seasons and classic TV hits from Network 10 and CBS such as CBS hits like The Good Wife, NCIS, Frasier, Cheers and Survivor.


Interesting. I wonder if Nine still have the rights to the new seasons after this one or if it will move over to 10. It’s awesome that previous seasons are available as there are some I’d love to re-watch but are hard to find online.

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As far as I know, Nine will maintain first rights to new seasons of Survivor. I assume that episodes may become available on 10 All Access two weeks after airing, maybe that is just wishful thinking?

I am currently re-watching Heroes vs Villains, hoping to re-watch Tocantins and Millennials vs Gen X once 10 All Access launches.

Fingers crossed we get South Africa and New Zealand as well. Survivor South Africa: Philippines was an absolute masterpiece, so many big game players although it was a weird winner’s edit. I would argue it is one of the best Survivor seasons produced anywhere since Heroes vs Villains. Expecting big things from Island of Secrets next year. Less said about the New Zealand version the better :wink:


Having past seasons available on 10 All Access means the Aussies get to see Survivor: Marquesas for the very first time. It was not shown on Nine in early 2002 due to the first season of Australian Survivor in the same period.

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Are we sure it is going to include every season that far back? Pretty cool if it does. I remember how frustrating it was back then that they didn’t air Marquesas. It is the only Survivor season that I haven’t seen.

Every season, one through to the current season (37), is on CBS All Access. I’m hoping there is a way for CBS to wrestle the rights to current seasons away from Nine but I’m not hopeful.

When you get it and start watching let us know which seasons you are going to watch so we can discuss haha

Wow. Pretty bland episode - this episode felt like there was something big missing (Natalie). Very happy with tonight’s boot, wasn’t a fan of them from the start. This season’s cast is really unwatchable - probably three decent players (Christian, Mayor of Slam Town, Angelina and Natalie. The rest are horrible. Loved the final confessional re reunion and Ponderosa :joy:

Really? I thought this was another great episode. The cast is so good that we dont need Natalie. What I like is that a lot of contestants stand out so it feels like it is anyone’s game. I’m liking Angelina and think she will play hard come the merge.


yeah I agree, compared to the shit of GI last season, this is a welcomed. I can’t fault this season yet (the theme has grown on me) and I’m getting some old school Amazon levels of a fun season sort of idea from this one.

that being said if the mayor of slam town goes soon, I’ll be a unhappy slamtownian .

Yeah I agree that this season feels much older school so far. The casting is back to interesting and unique characters that I actually want to get to know a lot more. The editing is much more level so we have had pretty wide spread airtime for most contestants (as opposed to recent seasons that really fixated on a handful of contestants resulting in numerous invisible people). Even eliminated contestants this season have mostly been relevant in the game somehow (as opposed to early boots often getting no airtime). Also despite Idols / Nullifiers being in the game there have barely been a mention of them and despite that we have still had some great tribals. We are even getting classic drama at camp like the cowgirl losing it last night. Everything about this season so far as regained everything that I loved about Survivor, which got lost that last 2-3 seasons.

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Just catching up on the season. Not sure if its been discussed but this was filmed in the same place as the current Australian version right? I recognise some of the places they filmed, for example the first immunity challenge seems to be the same location Sharn dropped the hidden immunity idol.

The islands are about 150km apart (Vanau Levu - Australian Survivor; Mamanuca Islands - US Survivor). I doubt they were filmed in the same place unless they took the ferry across, which would take ~3 hours?

Filming for Champions vs Contenders started May 3, David vs Goliath wrapped up May 6 then Edge of Extinction began filming a couple of days after.

Oh really. Some of the locations looked very similar. There is no way they would have taken a ferry for 3 hours just to film a challenge. Forget what I said above.

10 years since Survivor: Tocantins. Best non-returnee season ever (along with China/Pearl Islands)? Such a great cast - JT, Coach, Tyson, Fishbach, Erinn, Taj, Sierra.

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