Super Radio Network

@Paul_Covo_Covington why was the RDS commissioned as CV1047?

Looking forward to 2GF on FM.


According to his Facebook page, Carter Edwards is presenting his final shows on the Super Radio Network this weekend before hanging up the headphones and retiring from radio.


Interesting to know what will replace it? Presumedly another country music show?

Some changes are afoot on the AM and FM spectrum at Super Radio I’ve heard.


More music and less talk hopefully


More likely outsourcing the night show to India.


Can you elaborate?

According to his show Facebook page, Dave Sutherland is replacing Carter Edwards on weekend nights.

Good move BOG. I’m hoping it’ll be a more interactive version of 2GB’s Saturday Night Live.


Couple of things:

2HD Port Stephens had transmission issues yesterday & according to their facebook page it had a meltdown last night after intermittent broadcasting throughout the day, they hope to have it back on air sometime today, the 97.5 transmission is hit & miss for me at home, the hill that the 2HD 90.5 Lake Macquarie transmitter sits on top of, blocks 97.5 for me.

Also a guy from Byron Bay rang the breakfast show this morning & said he listens on the 2SM app & it still has Marcus Paul on there as the breakfast presenter, Richard (host) told him it’s done by a third party & they have been told a number of times to change it but haven’t done it. The guy said they should get Bill to tell them to change it as he’s the boss.
Only a guess but I’d say they haven’t changed it because they’re still owed money from the last thing they did for BOG, or they doubt they’ll get paid for doing the work & the chasing payment is just not worth it.


Is there still a 2SM mobile app? Or is it via TuneIn?

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Don’t know, there’s none on the Apple App Store, but maybe the old one still works if you have it (I don’t)?
The guy who rang in just said he listens on the 2SM app, but didn’t clarify the actual app.


Did he say “on the app”?

Yes, the guy’s a regular caller & generally calls of a morning around dawn(ish) when he’s out walking, so he’d be listening on his phone while walking, he specifically said “on the 2SM app” & the issue was obviously know to the SRN by the response from the breakfast announcer which I posted earlier.


Check out FM1047 RDS now. Cam has done a great job getting it up and running!


Has anyone listened to the SRN on FM all the way from the Central Coast to the Gold Coast? I reckon it could be done even now.

Central Coast to the end of the F3: 90.5 2HD
End of F3 to Bulahdelah: 97.5 2HD
Bulahdelah to Kendall: 88.9 2RE
Kendall to Urunga-ish: 93.5 2PM
Urunga-ish to Glenugie: 100.5 2HC
Glenugie to Woodburn/Wardell: 103.9 2GF
Wardell to Kingscliff: 103.5 2MW (104.3 2LM could be receivable in spots).
Kingscliff to the Gold Coast: 104.1 2MW

There may be a few dead zones here and there, but I reckon do-able if you’re willing to put up with a few fade-outs. Bill would never pursue psuedo-FM conversions now, would he?

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You probably could, but I would ask WHY?!

There’s only so much talkback one can take.


I was going to pop a post into the RDS Thread about this earlier. Great work! FM 1047 now shows, and I noticed that song titles were now showing up as Radio Text on my way to work in Lismore the other day - very exciting development :slight_smile: